“Males” immerses you in the VJ (Video Jockey) space: Sadakata

In this article, I will introduce the work “Males” by Sadakata, an artist who participated in NEWVIEW CYPHER 2021.

NEWVIEW CYPHER is a project in which artists and creators who are active outside of XR activities use STYLY to create XR.

Twelve artists and creators are participating in this project, and we will be featuring reviews of their scenes in Pick Up Scene.


About Sadakata


Sadakata is a member of the alternative pop band “tomodati” and the electro band “gato”, where she is in charge of VJ/Cho/Vo.
In addition to her band activities, she has participated in and directed VJs for “Last Electro”, “4s4ki”, and “SPENSR”.
At the young age of 23, she has performed as a VJ on various stages including Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, Zepp Haneda, WITH HARAJUKU HALL, and STUDIO COAST.
She is also involved in filming, editing, and directing music videos and teasers for tomodati, gato, 4s4ki, asobi, Kycoh, etc. She is a promising newcomer in the VJ/video art world.


Twitter : https://twitter.com/877887_hana
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sadakata_hana/

While using music as a starting point, she expands her expression through video production. In the past, she has produced music videos for the artist 4s4ki.


About “Males”

In this scene, Sadakata’s VJ video will be played in a spherical dome.

On the inside, the theme is “Hell”, and the space is decorated with objects based on red and black colors.

Hell-themed space

Hell-themed space

Butterflies, particles, and flames decorate the space, and the reflection of the water surface enhances the three-dimensional effect. In addition to the horror reminiscent of hell, the color contrast creates a sense of beauty.

Color Contrast

Color Contrast

The dome’s images switch between glitches and abstracts in time with the sound, creating a strong impression on the viewer. The combination of these two elements creates a single space.


Usually, VJ in live performances is projected on LED monitors or projectors in the space of a live house or club. Therefore, images are projected on a flat surface.

Males, however, takes advantage of the freedom of 3DCG to project images not on a flat surface, but on a full spherical surface. By using 3DCG, we have achieved a state that is difficult to express in reality.

We can appreciate it as a work that transcends the fixed concept that images must be flat and challenges the construction of space with images. This attempt can be read as a way of handling video.

Video as space

Video as space

The traditional role of VJs has been to project images on prepared monitors and projectors. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the number of projects that allow people to experience music in a virtual space or VR, such as virtual live performances and virtual clubs.

In those virtual spaces, the space is created from scratch. It is possible, of course, to set up a monitor on a flat surface and have a VJ project images onto it, as in the real space, but it is also possible to have the VJ’s images themselves create the space, as in Males.

Males is an opportunity to discover this possibility, and we can appreciate it as such.


This article has introduced the future of VJs and virtual spaces.

If you take the time to look at them from other perspectives, you may find something new.


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