A Virtual Utopia in “Yu”: “For Utopia” by Saki Takegawa

This article introduces the work For Utopia by 3DCG designer Saki Takegawa.
In it we will discuss Saki Takegawa’s career and explain how to navigate and enjoy her work in VR.

For Utopia

About Saki Takegawa

Saki Takegawa is a 3DCG designer based in Kansai, Japan.
She is a graduate of the first (2019) class of NEWVIEW SCHOOL and won the KMNZ PRIZE at the same year’s NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019.

Let’s experience her vivid “Yu”-topia of warmth created in VR!

About For Utopia

For Utopia recreates a large Japanese “sento” bathhouse, and the viewer is welcomed inside to enjoy its stylish and nuanced architectural construction.

Translator’s note: The original title For♡湯ゥ~トピア is a clever play on words with “Yu” (湯) meaning hot water (in the bathhouse), “For you,” and “Utopia.”

Japanese “sento” bathhouse

The baths are carefully crafted, and the sento specialty—a mural of Mt. Fuji—is created with neon lights, which are one of Takegawa’s signature artistic styles.

The baths inside the sento

Saunas are a common feature of Japanese bathhouses. The spacious saunas, cold water baths, and rest area show the full potential of a “revitalizing” sauna experience.

Translator’s note: Saunas have become very popular amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan. “Revitalization” (ととのい)refers to the euphoric, tingling feeling one gets after the cycle of a hot sauna, ice-cold water bath, and laying back on the plastic sauna chairs. The word “revitalize” (ととのう) was coined by “professional saun-er” Nurezukin-chan and popularized by Katsuki Tanaka’s manga Saunado which was also made into a TV show.

Reference article: https://rkb.jp/article/54026/

The saunas

The building is filled with the utopian elements of a public bathhouse, and there is even a rooftop pool.

The rooftop pool

This work expresses Takegawa’s vision of utopia in the form of a public bathhouse.

How would you feel in a utopia where there are no other humans?
Walking around this liminal space and thinking about your personal utopia is what will add to the story of this VR scene.

Relax and enjoy your time in this work by imagining your own “Yu”-topia.

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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by cpnnn