AR MUSIC VIDEO “Dip feat. OZworld” by TEMBA: A fusion of real and virtual

This article introduces the AR work “Dip feat. OZworld” by artist “TEMBA.”

TEMBA, an artist and rapper, has released a new song, “Dip feat. OZworld,” along with a music video and art through STYLY to experience the music video as AR.

We will cover the music and then illustrate how you can enjoy AR, an instrument that integrates the real and virtual. We hope that this article can help you enjoy the work further.



TEMBA creates and performs as a masked rapper, giving him a unique identity and perspective of the world. In addition to being a rapper, he is an artist who creates visual works.


This time, he has released the song “Dip,” featuring rapper OZworld.

The music video was produced by BUDDHA INC., which was released by TEMBA’s music producer Dr. R’s label, MNNF.



TEMBA – Dip feat. OZworld (Official Video)

Dip feat. OZworld AR

Once the AR scene is launched, you will see art reflecting the music video.


Natural materials and cosmic rings, order and disorder, all contribute to the formation of a new image. You can use AR to make these objects appear anywhere, and even make your own music videos by modifying the layers of reality.

Music video encroaching on reality

AR art is merely data, the process of making replicated data.

Essentially, the phrase “the essence isn’t there” appears to refer to this art.

This AR art experience is an attempt to get closer to the essence of “Dip.”

AR, a real and virtual form of art, is more than just a cross-border experience of its layers; it is also an act of simulating the essence of art by “wearing” the artist’s worldview in reality.

Essence of the art?

This artwork is a fusion of the virtual and the real, which will only be appreciated by those who have solved the riddle of “What is the essence of things and expression?”

We hope that you will solve the riddle and enjoy the artwork!

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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by passerby1