The Powerful Herb that Heals All Worlds: “Urtica Portal” by Nicholas Delap

A Powerful Medicinal Herb—Urtica Dioica

In Nicholas Delap’s AR work Urtica Portal, we experience an overlay of plants inside the screen. These plants are Urtica dioica (also known as common nettle), which thrive in the British Isles.

From the “Seed Systems” exhibition held in Berlin, hosted by STYLY

Urtica dioica is used in folk medicine as a powerful medicinal herb, and it can detoxify soil, regenerate ecosystems, and give way for a more diverse range of plants to grow in its wake.

Nicholas Delap|Freelance digital artist
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Folklore and Ecology

Urtica dioica has a rich and magical history in the folklore of the British Isles and Northern Europe. Its medicinal properties are among the most powerful in the world, and healing methods that use this plant have been passed down from generation to generation. With its ability to heal the soil, this plant is a panacea for both human and non-human worlds.

This plant thrives not only in forests but also in the man-made landscapes of post-industrial Britain. In a society where service, information, and knowledge industries account for an increasing percentage of the population, the artist responds to post-human neo ecology and explores the local and global practices concerning plant life.

By placing this plant in any location using AR technology, we are able to detoxify and “re-wilden” our minds.

Detoxifying and Cleansing Everything in Its Path

Delap, via his ongoing research into the wild spaces and the flora and fauna that thrive in the diverse landscapes of the British Isles, has intertwined folklore and botanical symbols to create an AR experience that facilitates a rewilding of the mind.

In this scene, we experience an overlay of nettle that illuminates the exhibition space and becomes a pathway for detoxifying and cleansing. By drawing our focus to the natural environment, the work contrasts the physical and digital spheres, highlighting the otherworldly qualities of what we perceive as wild and natural.

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