Botanical Beauty Scattered in the Point Cloud: “Vegetal/Digital” by Alison Bennett

Australian Plants in AR

Vegetal/Digital is an AR work by Alison Bennett, an artist based in Melbourne, Australia.
To view the work, launch the STYLY app from a smartphone or tablet to see beautiful, native Australian flowers appear on your screen.

These intricate objects look very real at first glance. On closer inspection, however, you see that they are a collection of points. These three-dimensional plants, composed of a set of points, are called point clouds.

Alison Bennet|Photographer and Media Artist
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Plants Created from Point Clouds

Looking closely at the realistic plant objects, the surface seems to be grainy. Getting even closer to the leaf on the right—

—you gradually realize that it is a collection of dots.

In fact, you see that the leaf is composed of many, many squares.

Digital Gardening in the Online Space

Artist Alison Bennett explores vegetal thinking, digital gardening and post-human neuro-queer phenomenology through floral forms rendered as point-cloud models.

She attempts to create a new kind of natural beauty from the way point clouds dissolve the structure of plants, allowing the viewer to get up close and view the details of the loosely aligned plant through an interactive AR experience.

In this work, she also explores the practice of “digital gardening.” In digital gardening, seeds of thought are shared and cultivated in the public online space. These virtual plants, which inhabit the garden of online space through AR, may exist in the natural domain in the near future, without any sense of discomfort or artificiality.

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