Trance, Party, Psychedelic “WDBR 2020 v7.0”: Miguelangelo Rosario

This article is about “WDBR 2020 v7.0” created by artist “Miguelangelo Rosario”.

I will introduce the artistic nature of the Goa Trance party and space experienced in VR.

WDBR 2020 v7.0

About Miguelangelo Rosario

Miguelangle Rosario is a media artist working in Berlin.

He creates VR and AR works based on psychedelic space and art.

Past works, Deep Sea Dream

Past works, Deep Sea Dream

Miguelangelo Rosario is also one of the organizers of the XR art project “Off the Wall”.


XR art from various countries is uploaded on STYLY.


HP :



About WDBR 2020 v7.0

When you launch the scene, you will see a temple-like space.

However, rather than the “majesty” of a temple, there is a “heterogeneity” that is better described as “glittering”.

The temple is a stimulating space with objects in highly saturated colors.



And the music playing is trance music.

It is thought that this world view is a space created based on trance culture.

Among them, the unique hippie psychedelic art can be read as originating from the “Goa Trance” culture.

Goa Trance is a trance rave culture that developed in Goa, a tourist city on the west coast of India. It refers to parties and cultural circles that revolve around trance music with psychedelic/acidic artwork and the use of percussive and Indian music.

One of the big Goa Trance festivals is called HillTop Festival.


As you can see in the video, DJs play trance music in a huge tent-like space covered with




At WDBR 2020 v7.0, the temple is similarly covered by a tent with a psychedelic pattern.



Not only the Goa Trance party, but many rave parties held outdoors and elsewhere offer the experience of reaching ecstasy as the boundary between oneself and others and the space becomes blurred as one feels a sense of unity through music and dance.

In order to make the experience more solid, the party is enriched through the decoration of the venue and space production. In such rave culture, Goa Trance emphasizes more psychedelics and has been sublimated into a culture via religiosity.


By using 3DCG, VR allows the creators to create a space that cannot be represented in reality, and the audience can experience that space.

The media nature of VR as an “immersive experience of space” has a very strong affinity with psychedelic culture.

WDBR 2020 v7.0 is a work that makes good use of this media property.

It is a space where you can fully enjoy the psychedelics of space and music.

Will we be able to come back to reality?

Will we be able to come back to reality?

Today, the idea of VR and the metaverse has become popular, and virtual parties and events are often held.

In the future, if Goa Trance is held virtually, WDBR 2020 v7.0 could be a precursor or catalyst for such events, and I have high hopes for future raves and parties.


I have described the work with a focus on the Goa Trance party.

You may find new discoveries not only from the perspectives other than those mentioned above, but also by taking a closer look.


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