MANON_”GALCHANMODE”_MV_WORLD: VRMV spatializing gal culture by WATAKEMI

This article introduces the VR work MANON_”GALCHANMODE”_MV_WORLD by filmmaker and visual artist, WATAKEMI. WATAKEMI is a visual artist and filmmaker who creates VJ and MUSIC VIDEOs. The following is an introduction to WATAKEMI’s career and a few key points for viewing his works based on the author’s observations. By reading this article, you will enjoy WATEKEMI’s work more.





WATEKEMI was born in 1993 in Kyotango, Kyoto. He graduated from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). He is a member of of the creative unit,  tsuchifumazu/Chilly Source, and was selected as one of the 100 filmmakers of 2020. He likes squirming things. Recently, he has made a lot of video works.

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This work is a VR version of a MUSIC VIDEO, or “VRMV”.

It is based on MANON’s song, GALCHAN MODE, and it allows the viewer to experience this world in VR.

This MUSIC VIDEO was also produced by WATAKEMI’s unit, tuchifumazu.



When the video is launched, a richly saturated scene unfolds.

A series of shrine torii gates lead to the main space.

Shinto shrine

As the title GALCHAN MODE suggests, the theme is “gal culture”.

The representation of gal is experienced through architecture and objects.

The many layers of space and architecture are the highlight of this work.

Layers of space

The objects are effectively interlinked to create a simple yet deep space.


A commercial structure that symbolizes Shibuya’s gyaru culture also sits in the space.

The size and positioning of the distinctive objects are arranged in a circular manner within the space to catch the viewer’s eye.


The video data for the MUSIC VIDEO is also placed in the center of the space.

A distinctive, rotating “arcade game” also appears in the center along with the  MUSIC VIDEO.

An arcade game and MV

Access WATEKEMI’s recreated world of GALCHAN MODE‘s MUSIC VIDEO!

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