Appreciating a high-dimensional fashion show “KOWAKU – dance for me -“: Risako Nakamura

In this article I’ll review the work “KOWAKU – dance for me -” by artist “Risa Nakamura” who participated in NEWVIEW CYPHER 2021.

NEWVIEW CYPHER is a project in which artists and creators who are active outside of XR activities use STYLY to create XR.

Twelve artists and creators are participating in this project, and we will be reviewing their scenes in Pick Up Scene.

Risako Nakamura

About Risako Nakamura

Risako Nakamura

Designer / Director, YOLK of Tokyo
She is a designer and director of YOLK of Tokyo, where she designs costumes that combine craft and digital fabrication, as well as 3DCG costumes.

YOLK of Tokyo Instagram :
RisakoNakamura Instagram :

As a designer for YOLK of Tokyo, she has designed various dresses and other costumes for women.



About “KOWAKU – dance for me -“

About “KOWAKU – dance for me -“, the creator, Risako, explains as follows

“KOWAKU – dance for me -” is a fashion show created by Risako Nakamura, Creative Director of YOLK JAPAN, who created all the costumes based on the theme of “suffering and conflict of beauty”.
The six dancers, led by Kotomi Igarashi, are up-and-coming dancers who are active both in Japan and abroad as dancers capable of unique stage expression through pole dancing, which is still rare in Japan.


Pole Dancers

Pole Dancers

Dancers wearing costumes reminiscent of insects or fairies with damaged wings dance in the space.

The pole dancers

The pole dancers

Is this really the perfect “beauty”?

On the floor, a model wearing a YOLK design stands upright.

Models standing upright.

Models standing upright.

The contrast between the dynamic dancers and the static models creates a scene.

In one scene, the “beauty” of Risako’s design and the “ugliness” of the body and its movements are balanced.

It is this balance that adds depth to the work itself.

People who are not wearing costumes coexist in the space, such as white people applauding and huge people who are excluded from the floor.

People who are not models or dancers.

People who are not models or dancers.

These people can be read as existing as symbols of “viewers” in the fashion show.

A fashion show is an experiential act of passively watching what is given to us. This act is incorporated into the “viewer” mentioned above.

When the role of passive viewing is assigned to the viewer, what is the role of “we” who are viewing this STYLY scene?

In this scene, the roles of “model/dancer” and “viewer” in a fashion show are symbolized in 3DCG. In this situation, we, who have a free perspective and are watching the fashion show from a bird’s eye view, become a higher dimension in the fashion show.

How will the fashion show change then?

Unlike fashion shows in reality, this work allows us to look at what it means to watch a fashion show using VR.

Why don’t you try to think about your own way of viewing the show?

What is a fashion show in VR?

What is a fashion show in VR?


I have introduced fashion shows in VR.

If you take the time to look at them from other perspectives, you may discover something new.


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