How to upload an object created by ProBuilder to STYLY

In this article, I explain how to make a simple object by ProBuilder and how to upload the object created by UnityUploader.

About ProBuilder

ProBuilder is a 3D modelling tool to create and edit 3D models easily on the Scene view in Unity.

Let’s create a simple object by ProBuilder and upload it to STYLY.

Note that I used Unity version 2017.4.0f1 in this article.

Import ProBuilder to Project

It’s easy to import ProBuilder. Open Asset Store and search by ‘ProBuilder’ and import it.

Create a simple object by ProBuilder

Once ProBuilder is imported, Tools will have the items for ProBuilder. Select the ‘ProBuilder Window’ to open the editor.

Once the editor is opened, select ‘New Shape’.

Then, a Cube appears in the Scene view and the Shape Tool window is brought up. In addition to Cube, there are various shapes available. Let’s make an arch-shape object this time. Select ‘Arch’ in the Shape Tool window.

When Arch is selected, the shape of the object changes into an arch-shape object. You can adjust the shape by changing each parameter and place it in the Scene by pressing ‘Build Arch’.

Refer to the movie below to learn how to use ProBuilder in details, for example, how to edit the object created and etc.

Upload the object created

You can upload the created object to STYLY by ‘Unity Plugin For STYLY’. Download ‘Unity Plugin For STYLY’ from STYLY Suite and import to the Project. Please refer to the previous article, ‘How to upload assets from Unity to STYLY‘ about the settings for ‘Unity Plugin For STYLY’.

Once ‘Unity Plugin For STYLY’ has been imported, you can upload an object. Select the Arch object created earlier in the Hierarchy view and open the Export setting menu in the editor of Probuilder.

Once you opened the Export setting window, set Export Format to ‘Asset’ and export by pressing the Export button (I named the filename ‘Arch’ this time).

Once it’s been exported, the Prefab of ‘Arch’ is created in the Project view. Right-click it and select ‘STYLY ‘>’Upload prefab to STYLY’ to upload.

When the upload is completed, the window shown below pops up.

Place the object uploaded in the Scene.

The uploaded object can be placed in a Scene. Log in WebEditor and open Asset Selector to display the list of My Models.。

You can now find the ‘Arch’ uploaded earlier in the list of My Models. Click it to place ‘Arch’ in the Scene.

As seen in this article, you can create and place your own original model by using ‘ProBuilder’ and ‘Unity Plugin For STYLY’ in combination. Please try them by yourself.