Introduction of AR exhibition using STYLY Mobile

New media technologies such as AR/VR/MR have been well developed and very much pervasive in our daily lives.

STYLY has expanded as an AR realm, as well as VR, and has unveiled “STYLY Mobile” as its platform.

By using STYLY Mobile, you can easily experience art and other content with AR. We are now going to introduce AR expression in the “exhibition” as one of these wonderful experiences.

In this article, we will introduce the possibilities of the fusion of culture and AR through examples of “AR exhibitions” at STYLY Mobile and real-life examples.



First thing first, what is heck is “AR”? Keep reading for the answer.

What is AR (Augmented Reality)? It’s usage example, market, and future

What is STYLY Mobile?

STYLY Mobile is an AR platform provided by STYLY.

Unlike the usual STYLY VR platform, it is an AR-focused platform.

It’s not currently available for individual productions, but you can still enjoy the scenes published by creators.

Usage and published scenes can be found on the following pages.


Try out these scenes and experience the AR.

Examples of AR exhibitions

In this section, we will introduce AR contents using STYLY Mobile and possibilities and fun of AR exhibitions.

Somunia “fable in sleep” [Art]

The first example is the digital art exhibition “FABLE IN SLEEP” organized by the virtual artist “SOMUNIA”.

What is the FABLE IN SLEEP exhibition…?

“Fable in sleep” is an exhibition that combines music, art, and AR, allowing you to enjoy more deeply the songs from 2nd EP “fable in sleep” of the virtual artist “Somunia”, which was released last year.

There was a real exhibition originally planned from March 25 to April 7 for the enjoyment anytime, anywhere via STYLY Mobile, but was luckily cancelled due to COVID-19.

Original Quotes (partially amended)

Twitter :

“Fable in sleep exhibition” in STYLY Mobile and the revolutionary exhibition was held on AR that allow visitors to participate anywhere as long as they have Internet.


Augmented visuals and sounds expressed by AR connect real space with virtual space, creating a new experience. Traditionally, the mainstream of art has been like visiting exhibitions or galleries and appreciate it in an extraordinary space. Yet, the advent of Internet has changed the tradition, and AR is now a new way to appreciate art.

The creation of a new spatiality in which one’s living space, like home, becomes an art exhibition; it is also a new way to express art and music through AR.

Taking advantage of this feature, participants in the FABLE IN SLEEP exhibition took part in the exhibition in various locations and spread their creations with the hashtag “#FIS exhibition I saw”.

The art experience using AR offers a brand-new way of expression and appreciation by breaking down from the constraints of space.

AR art experience is not yet the mainstream, but it has a high affinity with Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking services that communicate through images, and I think art will become more accessible to the new generation.

By using AR, we can express art and music like a FIS exhibition.

HATRA “Autumn Winter 2020” [Fashion]

The next example I am going to show you is the AR “Autumn Winter 2020” collection of the fashion brand HATRA.



HATRA is a designer brand by Keisuke Nagami.

We create apparel using CLO, a 3D CAD for apparel, and develop visuals using 3DCG and XR, presenting new expressions of technology and fashion.

HATRA posted photos as well as AR views using STYLY Mobile during the pre-order of the Autumn Winter 2020 collection.



The hologram-like 3DCG visuals look like a scene from a science fiction movie.



Also, the 3DCG visualization allows users to browse the entire garment freely, making appreciation of the detailed design feasible.

As a part of 3DCG and XR in the fashion industry, fashion for virtual avatars is attracting a lot of attention. These fashions present the possibility of a new fashion that transcends the physical action and body of reality. Besides, there is a possibility of new fashion that expresses the physicality of the real by replacement with virtual ones, such as in this collection by HATRA.

There are still rooms for exploration of the expression of fashion and XR.

And, such exploration may become a new way to luxuriate in fashion.


The next example is the virtual avatar AR.

This is AVATAR AR by YORIMIYA, the creator of particle live XRMV.

Twitter :

Avatars used by Vtuber and VRChat can be made freely and easily, and the opportunity to see original virtual avatars has increased.

With AR, you can visualize your avatar not only on a PC screen, but also in real life.

In this AVATAR AR, avatars appear in real via AR.

YORIMIYA is also working on an XRMV using AR AVATAR technology.


The current use of virtual avatars is widespread for Vtubers and social media.

In the future, the appearance of AR may open up new possibilities for expression and communication.

How about using AR to superimpose your own Vtuber or AVATAR in real and express as new ways of presentation?

An sample of AR exhibit

In this section, I would like to introduce a sample of the exhibition that I (KAKI) created using STYLY Mobile.

The exhibition I created this time will be an AR display of the photos I took.

To make appreciation of photographic works easy, expression is made in the form of AR in the exhibition.

Using the same technique as the FABLE IN SLEEP exhibition presented above, we designed the space and attached music to it to create a virtual exhibition venue.

By coloring the space with visual and sound elements, AR has brought about changes in the real world. (You can actually listen to the music on STYLY Mobile!)

I process the photos I took as flat objects so the discernible features of photos are well preserved.

Not only photos, but also illustrations and graphics- anything artists used for expression on a two-dimensional surface can also be expressed easily via AR.

STYLY Mobile is looking for new ways to express various cultures such as art, music, fashion, and architecture using AR.

Lastly, here is a guide for those who want to do an AR exhibition.

For those who want to have an AR exhibition

Based on examples of art and fashion, we introduced a new way of expression through AR, even for artists who do two-dimensional works.

AR with common devices, such as smartphones, and new technologies make XR experience easier because no special goggles are needed, like in VR.

If you aim to use AR for creation or as new expressions, please contact us!

If you would like to contact us, please email us by clicking the link below, “CONTACT”.


Let’s create a new expression and culture together! We will be waiting for you.