KDDI and other companies start using 5G in the Shibuya project. 32 companies including Tokyu and PARCO participate

KDDI Corporation, Shibuya Mirai Design, and Shibuya City Tourism Association announced the launch of “Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project” on January 24, which aims to contribute to the Creative Culture City Project promoted by Shibuya Ward using 5G.
32 companies and groups including Tokyu Corporation, PARCO Co., LTD., and Baycrew’s Co., Ltd. are participating in this project.

Each group and company will combine their assets with 5G to implement initiatives to enhance various types of entertainment cultures of Shibuya such as art, music, and fashion.

Various entities such as land owners and technology companies who endorse the motto “Make Shibuya a Creative Culture City Project with au 5G” participate in the Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project.

From January 24 to 25, a 5G portable base station will be installed in Hachiko-mae Square near Shibuya Station. An XR experience booth that uses 5G, in which you will be able to time travel to the Shibuya’s cityscape in 1964, will be set up with the cooperation of the general incorporate association 1964 TOKYO VR Association.
In addition, it will be open as an information center for a limited period from January 24 to March 31 at the Aogaeru tourist information center Hachiko-mae Square. The center will provide information regarding future measures taken by domestic and overseas partner companies for expanding 5G experiences using XR technology and AI.

What’s more, on January 25 in Shibuya, Marui Group Co., Ltd. and Psychic VR Lab, both of which are collaborators, will team up and present an innovative concert expansion experience at the live concert event “uP!!!NEXT Keida Suda ~Bansui~ powered by au 5G”.

In addition, on January 26, 2020, an e-SPORTS live broadcast event that uses au 5G will be held and you can watch the final game of “Evolution Championship Series: Japan 2020” (EVO Japan 2020).

Reference: KDDI Corporation press release