Red Bull Japan Partners with a Major Japanese Telecommunications Company

Red Bull Japan has entered into a partnership in the sports and entertainment field with KDDI, a major Japanese telecommunications company. The two companies aim to provide a “new experience while watching sports” such as video content for athletes using advanced technologies like au 5G, IoT, and XR (VR/AR/MR).

At an event hosted by Red Bull Japan in February 2020, the two companies introduced a new way of expanding the spectator experience of extreme sports. The event showcased a series of unique booths where visitors can experience the point of view of skaters through VR and images taken with the free-viewpoint video technology called “4DREPLAY.” Cameras were installed throughout the course to create this unique VR experience.

KDDI will be producing live video content using advanced technologies such as multi-angle video and live distribution using au 5G and XR viewing for domestic sporting events hosted by Red Bull Japan starting September 2020.

The two companies are considering other top athletes from around the world who can join Red Bull Japan as “heroes.” They will promote initiatives to discover and grow the next generation of athletes by utilizing au 5G and IoT. Red Bull Japan and KDDI are planning to distribute original content that will bring the attraction and power of athletes to viewers globally.

At KDDI’s directly-managed stores, customers can view VR content produced to provide the experience of skydiving, air racing, and other activities from the point of view of the athletes. (VR content produced by Red Bull Japan).

Additionally, there is a special booth where you can experience live XR content using au 5G that is linked with an event hosted by Red Bull Japan. Through live video distribution, spectators will be able to experience new sports and entertainment not by attending an event venue directly, but by viewing the event live from their homes, public spaces, or local KDDI stores.