Tokyo Announces the “Smart Tokyo Implementation Strategy” and Initiatives to Use VR/AR

Tokyo announced the “Smart Tokyo Implementation Strategy” on February 7. The mission of this new strategy is to improve the quality of life of citizens through the use of digital technologies like VR and AR.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduced a larger strategic plan called the “Tokyo of the Future” in December 2019. Within this plan, the government outlines 20 new strategies to be developed in Tokyo by 2030 and an additional 20 distant visions for Tokyo by 2040. ICT-based initiatives are listed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Budget Plan for FY2020 to assist in initiating the Smart Tokyo Implementation Strategy.

One initiative within the Smart Tokyo Implementation Strategy called, “The Three Cities” has been recently accelerated. The Three Cities’ Initiative is a combination of a Safe, Diverse, and Smart city. One of the objectives of the initiative is the promotion of a Digital Transformation (DX) which will hopefully spark the use of more digital technology that will improve people’s everyday lives. 

Safe City:
Real-time monitoring of weather conditions and the ability to collect disaster information at the time of its occurrence will enable quicker response to providing important information to people. Improving information sharing through digital technology will help to prevent larger disasters, thereby greatly reducing damage and ultimately help with achieving a faster recovery.

Diverse City:
Anyone will be able to receive customized and detailed essential services such as courses in using AR/VR or tele-medicine in remote areas. Learning and sharing of knowledge can happen anywhere and at anytime, regardless of a person’s location, age, gender, or preferred language.

Smart City:
Increasing use of digital technologies for everyday life products and services, like driver-less vehicles and cashless payments will help to free people of time consuming daily tasks and grant us the ability to live a more comfortable and vibrant life.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will implement various measures across all of Tokyo in FY 2020 (Reiwa – Year 2). The year 2020 will mark the official start of Smart Tokyo. The following initiatives will use VR/AR technologies.

Diverse City: Tokyo Smart School Project

Information shared across schools will need to be converted into data that can be visualized, shared, and analyzed easily and effectively by numerous people. Education can then be customized and shared beyond physical borders. We plan to conduct live demonstrations that will utilize new 5G networking platforms, AR/VR technologies, and improved Wi-Fi services in metropolitan schools.

Smart City: Creating Entertainment using State-of-the-Art Technology

Smart City: Creating Entertainment using State-of-the-Art Technology
Measures to promote new cultural values and tourism through the use of AR/VR technologies and entertainment have been announced. We plan to use VR to showcase the appeal of urban parks in the city through environmental agency related events. We hope to use this opportunity to test and verify new high-speed communication using 5G and also promote the VR experience.

Reference: Tokyo