VR-Themed Manga “VR Ojisan’s First Love” Becomes a Hot Topic

VR Ojisan’s First Love, the manga which is themed around VR and avatars, went viral on Twitter.

VR Ojisan’s First Love is an online manga with six episodes created by Tomoko Bakuryoku
Posted on Note, Amazon Kindle, and Jump Rookie! All of them can be read for free.
The first episode of VR Ojisan’s First Love was posted in December 2019 and went viral on Twitter since February 9 (Sun).

The story is about Naoki, a middle-aged man gamer, and Honami, an avatar woman gamer, who meet on a defunct social VR service and fall in love.
The gap between virtual reality and reality, and Naoki’s loneliness is carefully portrayed.

Although note’s tagline is “2020s forecasts” , there are scenes which remind us of Virtual Market, which is held on VR Chat, and VR rhythm game Beat Saber, and it features depictions with real VR.

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Reference: Tomoko Bouryoku note, Kindle Store