How to make thumbnail images for STYLY Gallery

STYLY Gallery

In this article, I will show how to set the thumbnail image of your VR work in STYLY Gallery and how to replace it after publishing it.

How to set thumbnail image in STYLY Gallery

The ‘Publish’ button

Click the ‘Publish’ button in the top-left corner of the scene view to publish the scene by STYLY WebEditor.

How the scene looks at the time of clicking the ‘Publish’ button defines the thumbnail image for STYLY Gallery.

Screenshot – Confirm the thumbnail.

Then the thumbnail image for STYLY Gallery is displayed with the title and description fields.

You can confirm the thumbnail image once more here.

The image below shows the thumbnail I published this time.

How it looks on STYLY Gallery

by scaling and moving the scene, you can adjust the thumbnail image as you like.

The examples shown below are some variations of the thumbnails from the same scene.

The variations of the thumbnail

Even from the same scene, a different thumbnail image changes the impression quite a lot.

Create a nice thumbnail by trying various angles and scaling! Next, I will show how to replace the thumbnail after publishing the scene.

Method #1: Publish again by WebEditor

This is a easier way.

You can change the thumbnail by opening the corresponding scene with Web Editor and publishing again with the view you want to create a new thumbnail from (Four thumbnails shown earlier are created in this way).

This method just overwrites the existing thumbnail, so it’s still displayed at the same place in STYLY Gallery.

Method #2: Use the image taken by VR-client camera

I will show another way to change the thumbnail, using the camera in VR Client.

How it looks when taking a photo with the camera in VR Client

Firstly, open the corresponding scene with STYLY’s VR Client, and take a photo you want to make the thumbnail from by the camera function in STYLY.

Confirm the image in ‘My Photos’.

After taking the photo, go back to the home screen and click ‘My Photos’.

Then select the corresponding scene.

The list of photos

The photos taken in VR Client are listed, so select the photo you want to make a thumbnail from.

Click the ‘Post’ button.

Click the ‘Post’ button. After a while, it displays ‘Done’.

Now the posting is completed. Next, access STYLY Gallery ( and log in.

The ‘Login’ button

If you log in STYLY for the first time, click the Login button in the top-right corner.

※ If you don’t have your STYLY account, create it by following the instruction below. 

The login screen

It displays the login screen.

Enter the E-mail address and password registered and click the ‘Login’ button.  

Move to ‘My Profile’.

Click the icon in the top-right corner (It’s the ‘H’ icon for me) and select ‘My Profile’.

Click the ‘Edit’ button.

You will find the pencil icon(Edit) in the bottom-right corner of the corresponding scene.

Click on it.

Click ‘Update Scene Thumbnail’.

Click ‘Update Scene Thumbnail’.

Choose the thumbnail.

You can see the existing thumbnails and the one posted this time on the list.

Select the posted one and click the ‘Save’ button in the bottom-right corner.

The thumbnail has been replaced.

The thumbnail has been replaced now. Congratulations.

It finishes the explanation of how to set the thumbnail image for STYLY Gallery and how to change the thumbnail after publishing.

A thumbnail could change the first impression completely, so please create an attractive thumbnail to make more viewers visit your VR space!