How to use STYLY Studio Safe Mode

This section explains how to start and use STYLY Studio’s Safe Mode.

What is STYLY STUDIO Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a startup mode in which only the minimum necessary functions are available.

For example, if you place too many heavy assets in a scene, the browser may stop working with an “Out of Memory” error message.

Out of Memory alert

This can be solved by starting STYLY Studio in Safe Mode and removing unnecessary assets from the scene to make the scene lighter. In this case, since it happens often that I cannot open this scene with too many assets placed in it, I will open this in Safe Mode.

Heavy scene

STYLY STUDIO How to start safe mode

Select the scene you want to start in safe mode from the Studio admin screen, select the vertical three-point reader, and then select safe mode edit.

Remove unwanted assets

When you open a scene in safe mode, all assets are displayed as thumbnails.

Scene in Safe Mode

When opened, delete unnecessary assets to lighten the scene

Asset deletion screen


As with normal startup, saving is done with Auto Save. Scenes cannot be published.

When you have finished deleting assets, try opening the corresponding scene in normal mode. If you still cannot open it, delete a few more assets