How to clear the OutofMemory error by using Safe mode

In this article, I will introduce how to clear the OutofMemory error by opening the STYLT Studio in Safe mode.

What is Safe mode?

Safe mode is a mode in where only the minimum functions are active.
If you place too many detailed objects in a scene, you might trigger the “OutofMemory” error resulting in the browser freezing.

OutofMemory Alert

In such cases, if you open the STYLT Studio in Safe mode and delete unneeded objects, you can reduce the processing load.
In this sample scene, there are too many objects, and the OutofMemory error occurs frequently.

Heavy load scene

Opening the STYLT Studio

Please open
in a web browser.

STYLT Studio top page

Please go on with the usual procedure as you would with the normal STYLT Studio, and open the scene that you freezed.
※ Opening scenes in Safe mode will take more time than in normal mode

Delete unnecessary objects

When you open a scene in Safe mode, all the objects are displayed by thumbnail images.

A scene in Safe mode

Delete the unnecessary objects while you can, and reduce the processing load.

Delete object scene

※ As in normal mode, your actions will get auto-saved.
You cannot publish a scene in Safe mode.
Once you delete the unnecessary objects, open the scene in normal mode again.
If you still can’t open the scene, you have to delete more objects.
Thank you for reading my article. That will be it for how to use Safe mode to solve the OutofMemory error.