How to clear the Out of Memory error by using Safe mode

In this article, I will introduce how to clear the Out of Memory error by opening the STYLT Studio in Safe mode.

What is Safe mode?

Safe mode is a boot mode in which only the minimum required functions are available. If you place too many heavy assets in your scene, you may get an “Out of Memory” error and your browser may get stuck.

Out of Memory Alert

In this case, start STYLT Studio in safe mode and remove unnecessary assets from the scene to make the scene lighter. This time, I often put too many assets in this scene and can’t open them, so I’ll open them in safe mode.

Heavy Load Scene

Opening the STYLT Studio

After launching your browser again, please access
while logged in to STYLY Studio.

STYLT Studio top page

Select a scene that could not be opened at normal startup. * In safe mode, it takes longer to operate than in normal operation.

Delete unnecessary assets

When you open a scene in Safe mode, all the assets are displayed by thumbnail images.

A scene in Safe mode

Make your scene lighter by removing unnecessary assets when you open it.

Asset Delete screen

* As with normal startup, saving is done with Auto Save. You cannot publish the scene. After deleting the asset, try opening the scene in normal mode. If you still can’t open it, delete it a little more.

Thank you for reading my article. That will be it for how to use Safe mode to solve the Out of Memory error.