NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019—A Global Award Designed For Fashion/Cultural/Art VR Contents Experience The Growth Of A Child, A Future Creator, Encased Within The 3D World Of “TAKKUN MUSEUM”—The Grand Prize Winner Of This Year’s Award

The winners of various categories, chosen from 145 entries from 8 different countries, have been announced

“NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019”—a global award designed for VR contents, jointly organized by Loftwork Inc. (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), PARCO CO., LTD (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), and Psychic VR Lab (Headquarter locates at Shinjuku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Masahiro Yamaguchi), the provider of the creative platform specialized for creating and publishing VR/AR/MR contents “STYLY (”—has announced the names of winners to its various prizes.

In recent years, the development of new technologies has contributed to bringing the age where anyone could easily create and experience 3D worlds ever closer. Anticipating the coming of this new epoch, the “NEWVIEW AWARDS” was established with an aim to discover the next generation of VR contents artists whose works could captivate the attention of users from around the world, in addition to creating the foundation for pioneering and promoting new creative expressions, helping artists to step up to the next stage. Having opened for entry submissions from July 1, 2019, to September 30, 2019, the second “NEWVIEW AWARDS” has finally announced the winners of its prestigious prizes.
From 145 entries from 8 different countries, the 9 members of the award’s board of judges—Nemu Yumemi, Keiichi Matsuda, Mitsuru Kuramoto, Nick Denboer, Lu Yang, Keng-Ming Liu, Ootsuki Sou, Keisuke Toyoda, and Akihiko Taniguchi—have chosen the winners of this year’s grand prize in addition to other prizes of various categories.

GOLD & SILVER Prizes—The Definite Proofs Showing The Possibilities For New Expression Formats

This year’s GOLD Prize, also known as the award’s Grand Prix, was awarded to Takkun (Kindergartner)’s “Takkun Museum”—an interactive 3D world depicting the growth of a young child, a future creator. This year’s SILVER Prize, the semi-Grand Prix of the “NEWVIEW AWARDS,” was awarded to 3 entries: “VR MANGA WORLD for STYLY,” an interactive artwork which attempted to reproduce the world of Manga with VR; “Piece of String,” a photogrammetry world in which users could experience sensual changes; and “ne.mui,” an interactive artwork in which users could experience the “boundaries in unconsciousness.”

In addition to the grand prizes, the PARCO prize, bestowing its winners with the rights to have their works displayed at Shibuya PARCO, is awarded to “ne.mui.” On the other hand, the Media Ambition Tokyo Prize which allows its winners to exhibit their artworks at Media Ambition Tokyo is awarded to “Piece of String.” In addition to the SILVER Prize, these two entries are the winners of two different categories. This year’s HIDEKI MATSUTAKE Prize, an award bestowing its winners with the rights to collaborate with Hideki Matsutake on their next VR content, is awarded to “Merging Memories.” Last but not least, the KMNZ Prize, an award that bestows its winners with the privilege to debut as a collaborated artist with the KMNZ unit, is awarded to “C’est la vie, SHOGYO-MUJO.”

Users and audiences around the world can experience the winners’ artworks in addition to the artworks which have made into the award’s Finalists list at the special exhibition held at Shibuya PARCO 9F—Creative Studio (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), from (Sat.) December 14 to (Sun.) December 22, 2019.

Through supporting the winning artists, the NEWVIEW project aims to continue to discover, nurture the next generation of VR creators in addition to pioneering, promoting new creative expressions and ways of designing new experiences in the three-dimension space.


GOLD Prize (Awarded to 1 Artwork; 20,000 USD Prize)

Entry Title: “Takkun Museum”

Artist: Takkun (Kindergartner | JAPAN)

Showcasing the creations made by the artist’s young boy, and also a future artist, this VR space demonstrates a new method for documenting and recording memories using xR.


Comments from the Artist:

Comments from the Artist:
“This time, I feel very honored for being able to receive this prestigious award.
For my project, I’ve created this VR artwork such that I could recap my young boy’s cute expressions and his creations. Together with my little boy, our family has had a lot of fun creating various quirky creations during our summer breaks. These creations are, without a doubt, a precious part of our memories. As my child grows up, I hope that, together with other family members, we could once again come to this very space I’ve created. At that time, I’m sure we would be filled with joy, hearing the words “welcome home” from our four-year-old boy.”

Takkun (Kindergartner | JAPAN)

Comments from the Judges:

“This artwork might be a demonstration of how a family album would look like in the future. With xR, in addition to being able to experience any newly created content, individual users can also arrange and create their own spaces. The grand prize this time is a unique experience that sketches out the picture of the photo album service of the future, an experience that truly inspires others. Personally, looking closer at the project, I can’t help but imagine the young brides crying with the goggles on as they look back at the precious memories with their families before entering the next stage of their life. This project, without a doubt, opened up the exciting possibilities where such imagination becomes a part of our daily lives.” —Nemu Yumemi (Yumeminemu’s Lead Manager)

“This project is a memory book recording the growth of the artist’s young child. The world born from this project adopts the very unique interpretation of the world from a young child to arrange his quirky pictures and creations. In addition, the 3D room depicted in the project changes as the young child grows up. Instead of being an artificial media used for recording pictures and videos, the innocent changes depicted in the project helps to create a feeling of casual daily sceneries. The project gives off the feeling that the very growth of the young child mutually impacts the environment around him. Personally, my heart was deeply moved by the warming feeling of the father who has been trying to thoroughly record the growth of his boy, the precious past that no one could ever return to.”—Akihiko Taniguchi (Artist)

“’Takkun Museum’ is a world born from the creativity of a young child. Although the project may seem simple, it’s seemingly impactful. With different media, including 360°videos, 2D videos, animated characters, choreographed performances, typographical and photogrammetry techniques, 3D room models, and spatial audio combined, the project is also a very ambitious piece of artwork. Although the videos and creations encased in the project were created by Takkun, and that many of them are quirky and different by natures, the world created through combining these creations is neatly arranged. The project takes users through a well-paced journey during which they can thoroughly enjoy the flowing events. It goes to show that the project also paid attention to the user’s experiences. For me, this project is not only cute, filled with warming love, thoroughly thought out, it is also personal and detailed. ‘Takkun Museum’ truly deserves the GOLD prize.”—Keiichi Matsuda (Designer, Filmmaker)

“All of the artists wish to return to being children. However, as children, our creations could hardly make it to the outside world. This very project vividly depicts the creator’s strong wish to bring the unique perspectives and creativity of young children to the public stage. Children’s creativity is without limit and always contain within them a certain adventurous feeling. What’s even more important in this project is the resonance it creates. Maybe it was because we were once young children, that the alternating expressions and feelings created throughout the project could strongly resonate within me. Even though the project may not be ‘the most beautiful,’ it is, without a doubt, the one project which best conveyed the feelings of its creator.”—Keng-Ming Liu (Founder & Creative Director at Bito)

SILVER Prize (Awarded to 3 Artworks; 5,000 USD Prize)

Entry Title: “VR MANGA WORLD for STYLY”

Artist: Oeka Aki (Virtual YouTuber/VR Manga Artist | JAPAN)

Illustrating the unique Manga expressions in an artificial space, this VR project picks on one’s brain with the question: How would Manga be harmonized in the age of xR?

Comments from the Judges:

“This art project vividly depicted a part of the evolution occurring in the world of Manga. As users dive into the project’s virtual world, they are offered with an opportunity to experience the Manga instead of just reading it like with traditional comics. The unique expressions encased in the project are bolstered such that users can experience the actions in a way similar to reading a Manga instead of making it such that the actions become anime-like. That, for me, is the best aspect of this project.”—Mitsuru Kuramoto (Broadcast Writer)

“This project, in my opinion, deserves the first place. I, as an independent creator, believe that the refinement of even the smallest details is just as important to an art project as creativity. I’m strongly impressed by the high level of details and the professional visual effects, techniques employed in this project. From the bottom of my heart, I truly want to praise the project’s creator for all of the dedication and efforts put into it. As a creator, I look forward to continuing supporting art projects like this for which the creators have extended all of their efforts.”—Lu Yang (Artist)


Entry Title: “Piece of String”

Artist: Wyatt Roy (Creative Director | UNITED STATES)

Created with photogrammetry techniques, this VR project depicts an empty house where only echoes remain. Following the piece of string left in the scenes, users can experience various sensual changes happening to their bodies as they wander around the house.

Comments from the Judges:

“I really liked Piece of String. I made a similar photogrammetry scan of my studio in Toronto and have been creating a lot of scans myself, but this was a very unique presentation. I loved the use of scale to explore the space and thought it was a very clever way to make a larger piece using a single asset. It would be cool to create a game with this concept with characters and take it a step further. Lots of potentials here. Congratulations on the silver prize!”—Nick DenBoer (Video Artist)

“Just by following a seemingly meaningless cord laid around a run-of-the-mill room, the creator has led users to examine the environments encompassed within different parts of the house, spatially, scaly, and eventually pushed the users to re-examine themselves in a unique, private, and poetic way. Artistically speaking, for me, this project is an excellent artwork. Furthermore, the project has also helped me to rediscover the possibilities hidden within VR, a media with which users can imaginatively showcase their realities, and reconstruct the realities with their imagination.”—Keisuke Toyoda (Architect/noiz Architects)

Entry Title: “ne.mui”

Artist: Ono Natsuki (USB Human | JAPAN)

“ne.mui” is a VR project which explores the “boundaries within unconsciousness.” The word “ne.” within the project’s name means “Network,” while the word “mui” means “No deliberate meanings” in Japanese.

Comments from the Judges:

“For me, between the creator’s initial goals and the submitted work, there seem to be many points which haven’t been followed through, making the project seems like it’s still unfinished (especially from the operating perspectives). However, encompassing a significantly large space in addition to wacky visual styles, this project, which depicts a virtual personal world instead of creating a new experience for others, piqued my interest. The project continued to offer me with various changes in its visual style as I travel through its large space, helping to maintain my interests (that being said, the operations are not thoroughly done). There are also many parts whose visual art is ‘really cool.’ In a sense, the fact that the project is still ‘unfinished’ may be a good thing. Were the creator to develop her next work, I hope that she could also look at her project from the perspective of a user, and create the project such that users could smoothly enter the world of her extraordinary visual art.”—Sou Ootsuki (Filmmaker/Director)

“Based on the main theme of exploring the ‘boundaries within unconsciousness,’ this VR project is a passionate artwork encompassing a vast space. Abstracted as the main theme may sound, the project succeeded in presenting the creator’s unique interpretation and her view of the world by guiding users through the ‘boundaries’ presented within the vast space and repeating the various changes in the spaces within and outside these boundaries. The project can be said to be an experience through which users could wander between realities and dreams. For me, this VR technology and its unique expression create an inextricable link, connecting the creators’ personal experience with others. Just like physical materials such as acrylic paints and clay, this technology could realize the art within anyone without them knowing.”—Akihiko Taniguchi (Artist)


PARCO Prize (Awarded to 1 Artwork)

Entry Title: “ne.mui”

Artist: Ono Natsuki (USB Human | JAPAN)
Together with the SILVER Prize, this entry is the winner of two awards

Comments from the Judges:

“Based on the concept of ‘unconsciousness,’ this VR project gave birth to a vast space whose final destination could not be predicted. It was this unpredictability which created the charm of this project. At Shibuya PARCO, we’ve collaborated with Discont, the winner of last year’s PARCO Prize to organize a special artwork exhibition. With Shibuya PARCO as a canvas, we hope that Ono Natsuki, the winner of our prize this year, could create a captivating spatial artwork, capable of exceeding our expectations.”—Naotaka Hayashi (Executive Officer of PARCO/Group Digital Promotion Division)

HIDEKI MATSUTAKE Prize (Awarded to 1 Artwork)

Entry Title: “Merging Memories”

Artist: Kenichiro Hirai (Art/Advertising Planner | JAPAN)

Reconstructing the “Nonbe Yokocho” with the pictures uploaded to various SNS platforms, this VR project is a memory book which records not only the pictures of the location, but also the people, and the moment in which they were taken.

Comments from the Judges:

“Reconstructed with photogrammetry, this nostalgic VR space not only gives users a glimpse into a once passed era but also creates a new feeling that draws users into the space itself instead of just illustrating the nostalgia feeling itself. Journeying through the space, it seems as if different sounds are echoing throughout the lining retro Izakaya diners.”—Hideki Matsutake (Musician, Synthesizer/Programmer)

KMNZ Prize (Awarded to 1 Artwork)

Entry Title: “C’est la vie, SHOGYO-MUJO”

Artist: SAKI TAKEGAWA (3DCG Designer | JAPAN)

Combining the iconic phrase “C’est la vie” (That’s life) and the Buddhism phrase “Shogyo mujo” (All is vanity) into its main theme, this VR project, which depicts the very entrance to an arcade game center, is a blend between realities and imagination.

Comments from the Judges:

“Congratulations on winning the award. KMNZ is a unit that has been working to connect the virtual world with reality through music and fashion. Feeling great sympathy toward this VR project which connected the virtual world and reality through a different form, we’ve chosen the entry for our prize. The idea of using an arcade game machine to travel between two different worlds in addition to the unique world view born from this experience is brilliant. Furthermore, in addition to the beauty born from the differences before and after entering the virtual world, the metaphor ‘this world was created virtually (STYLY)’ left us with a great impression. Thank you for creating such a wonderful project. Once again, congratulations on winning the award!”—KMNZ (VTuber Girls HIP-HOP Unit)

Media Ambition Tokyo Prize (Awarded to 1 Artwork)

Entry Title: “Piece of String”

Artist: Wyatt Roy (Creative Director | UNITED STATES)

Together with the SILVER Prize, this entry is the winner of two awards

Comments from the Judges:

“With the creator’s own residence at the beginning instead of an inorganic space, this VR project could easily captivate the users’ attention. Even though the space’s overall structure and the story follow a simple, clear rule, with its spatial accents and drastic spatial changes, the project continuously takes users from one surprise to another. Although VR is a technology capable of pulling users from reality to the virtual world, this project utilized VR as if it’s just another prolonged part of our daily lives. Through the journey, I could strongly feel that human’s creativity has been greatly enlarged.”—Ou Sugiyama (Media Ambition Tokyo)

Exhibition Information


A special exhibition where users and fans from around the world could freely experience the VR spaces in our Finalists list is now being held at Shibuya PARCO. Named after its main theme, “DIFFUSION,” the exhibition is where users can catch a glimpse of the new three-dimensional experiences and expressions.

Exhibition Period: From (Sat.) December 14 to (Sun.) December 22, 2019

Opening Time: From 10:00 to 21:00 (The venue will close at 19:00 on the final exhibition day)

Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Venue: Shibuya PARCO 9F—Creative Studio (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)


As a part of the NEWVIEW Project, this special exhibition offers users from around the world with the opportunity to experience various VR artworks, which mainly consist of the project’s fruition from last year.

Exhibition Period: Until (Sun.) December 22, 2019

Opening Time: From 10:00 to 21:00

Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Venue: Shibuya PARCO 5F – Special Venue (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)

A new set of AR installation, developed by Discont—the winner of last year’s PARCO Prize—is now on exhibition at Shibuya PARCO

Collaborated with PARCO, VR space designer Discont, the winner of NEWVIEW AWARD 2018’s PARCO Prize, have developed “World’s end supernova”—a new set of AR installation set up as permanent exhibition at Shibuya PARCO 5F, “SHIBUYA XR SHOWCASE.”


Venue: Shibuya PARCO 5F – Stairwell Section next to Escalators (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)







As a part of an experimental/community project, the NEWVIEW AWARDS is established as a global award designed especially for VR content developed for the Fashion/Culture/Art fields. The NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 was organized this year as the successor to the prestigious award held in 2018.

 As the future where every creator could easily develop their three-dimensional spatial expression (VR) space is just around the corner, the NEWVIEW AWARDS aims to explore and invent new expression styles and culture/lifestyle, in addition to discovering the next generation of creators whose pioneering works “design the ultra experience.”

■The Prizes

GOLD Prize (Awarded to 1 Entry): 20,000 USD Prize

SILVER Prize (Awarded to 3 Entries): 5,000 USD Prize

PARCO Prize (Awarded to 1 Entry): Award the winners with the opportunities to collaborate with PARCO Co., Ltd in developing their next content and have these content exhibited at Shibuya PARCO

KMNZ Prize (Awarded to 1 Entry): Award the winners with the opportunities to debut their work as collaborated artists with the KMNZ unit

HIDEKI MATSUTAKE Prize (Awarded to 1 Entry): Award the winners with the opportunities to collaborate with Hideki Matsutake to develop their next VR content

Media Ambition Tokyo Prize (Awarded to 1 Entry): Award the winners with the opportunities to have their works exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo

■Board of Judges:

Nemu Yumemi—Yumeminemu’s Lead Manager/Character Producer; Keiichi Matsuda—Designer/Filmmaker; Nick DenBoer—Video Artist; Lu Yang—Artist; Keng-Ming Liu—Founder & Creative Director at Bito; Mitsuru Kuramoto—Broadcast Writer; Sou Ootsuki—Filmmaker/Director; Keisuke Toyoda—Architect at noiz Architects; Akihiro Taniguchi—Artist






■Media Partners:






First launched in January 2018, the NEWVIEW project is an experimental/community project designed to pioneer new forms of creative expressions and methods for designing new experiences in the three-dimensional space. With its focal point laid on the fields of Fashion, Music, Motion Graphics, Graphics, Illustrations, etc., together with creators from around the world whose works illustrate urban cultures, the project aims to design the next-generation culture/lifestyle experiences that transcend reality and fantasy. To discover, nurture, and create opportunities for creators to communicate with others, the project has taken the initiative to hold various lectures, meet-up events both within and outside the border of Japan.

NEWVIEW PROJECT’s Official Website:

Contact Information: NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 Organizing Office (Officer in Charge: Watanabe)

A Press Kit, which includes the Logos and other resources for Press Release, is available for download at the link below: