“NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020” – Four New Awards Added


We are excited to announce the addition of four new and exciting XR awards to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 line up. The four new awards are the “SUPER DOMMUNE” Award presided over by Naohiro Ukawa, the chairperson on the judges’ panel for the “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020”; the “Media Ambition Tokyo” Award, a technology, art, and media festival; the “au Smart Pass Premium” Award, a service that provides 5G content including entertainment such as images, music, books, and events; and lastly the “WaiWai” Award which comes from the cable media company WaiWai, who covers the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture. Winners for all awards will have the chance for future collaboration.

SUPER DOMMUNE – the Right to Program










The “SUPER DOMMUNE” Award offers programming rights at SUPER DOMMUNE. The winner of this award will present “artwork designed to enhance the LIVE experience in the XR era and inspire the way we experience music post-pandemic!” The winner will be selected by the prize owner and creator, Mr. Naohiro Ukawa.

Exhibition at “Media Ambition Tokyo” Technology Art Festival

The winner of the “Media Ambition Tokyo” Award will be given the ability to exhibit their works in a showcase at the “Media Ambition Tokyo” Technology Art Festival. “MAT” is an experimental and urban implementation of cutting-edge technology joined with culture. The festival showcases the potential of technology and how it can be used to create the future.

Showcase Award-Winning Works on a 15 Million Member Site

The winner of the “au Smart Pass Premium” Award will be introduced as top release in the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020. The “au Smart Pass Premium” Prize will give the winning artist access to a 15 million member platform called “au Smart Pass”. The “au Smart Pass” is a collection of the finest selection of entertainment content from apps to services. In December 2020, au Smart Pass will launch a special page featuring the NEWVIEW AWARDS winners.

Exclusive Exhibition of a New XR Creation at the Video Entertainment Lab Opening in Winter 2022

The “WaiWai” Award is offered by Cable Media WaiWai from the northern area of Miyazaki Prefecture. The winner of the award will be selected for exhibition at the new Video Entertainment Lab, which will be established in front of Nobeoka Station in Miyazaki Prefecture in the winter of 2022. WaiWai will support the winner with 400,000 JPY to help with production costs and local stay for the exhibition of the new work.


(英語) https://newview.design/en/awards/


Entry is open to the public, including individuals, groups, and companies. Submitting an entry is free of charge. Multiple entries are also permitted. We are calling for VR/AR works in the fields of fashion, art, and culture that utilizes the creative VR platform STYLY. Submissions that use additional tools in the production process, such as 3DCG, game engine, DAW, etc., are permitted; however, all submissions must use the STYLY platform. Works that have already been published may also apply.

STYLY: https://styly.cc/

About the Prizes

・Gold Prize (Highest Ranking Work) – USD 20,000
・Silver Prize (Awarded to 3 works) – USD 5,000
・PARCO Prize (Awarded to 1 work) – Gain recognition and the exciting privilege to create collaborative works with PARCO and exhibit them in PARCO SHIBUYA in Tokyo, Japan.


・Application Period: August 3, 2020 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon) to November 2, 2020 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon) (Japan Time (JST)).
・Initial Screening Results Announced (25 finalists selected): November 2020
・Finalist Works Exhibition: December 2020
・Prize Winners Announced: December 2020

Special News

We are excited to announce the release of select AR works from 7 talented artists who have taken on the challenge of Augmented Reality. We will gradually release these works as they are received. We hope that these first time AR expressions will help to stimulate the creativity of other applicants of the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020.