NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021 Seeks to Find the Best in xR Art. Submissions Now Open for the 4th Annual NEWVIEW AWARDS

Tokyo, Japan, 10th August 2021 – Psychic VR Lab Co. Ltd. has today announced the return of the annual NEWVIEW AWARDS. This year will see a global panel of judges select the best AR, VR and MR artistic creations and determine the winner of the GOLD PRIZE, with a cash award of $20,000 USD.

Now in its third year, the theme of the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021 is ‘Post Reality and No Normal’. In 2021, our known realities have been radically altered. The rapid spread of infection due to a global pandemic accelerated the world into a closed and isolated society which proportionately caused an infodemic landscape wherein restrictions were placed on interaction between nations, cities, living environments, and everything in between. Everything became remote and socially distanced, forcing people to rethink their individuality.

What emerged from this was a so-called “new normal.” Teleconferencing platforms, live streaming, the metaverse, digital twins, mirror worlds, and cross-reality all became popular. A new distance between people, the world, and our previously known and comfortable reality became our future. The reality projected by this “new normal” that appeared before our eyes is based on the individual experiencing it. The world projected into our minds by this sensory consciousness is full of its own unique qualitative colors. This “post-reality” is in essence “no-normal”. 

Our “new reality” is a world “without normal.” There are no standards or norms in the world of XR, which is created or designed by the true diversity of each individual. In this year’s NEWVIEW AWARDS, we want to recognize the delicate and flexible “imagination” that deviates from our previously known reality and beautifully expresses a transcendence, deviation, and transformation.

This year we seek “creativity” that transcends reality thematically, temporally, and spatially.


“The NEWVIEW AWARDS hopes to capture the essence of the global transcendence caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ryohei Watanabe, CMO Psychic VR Lab. “In our ‘new’ reality, creativity has been given new avenues in which to flourish, and at Psychic VR Lab we are excited to appreciate some of the great xR works that artists, designers, and creators have produced to encapsulate the theme of ‘Post Reality, No Normal’. We are very excited for this year’s submissions and to see the best of xR creativity from across the globe!”

This year’s NEWVIEW AWARDS will be judged by a panel including Naohiro Ukawa, founder of Japan’s first live streaming studio and channel, DOMMUNE, Zowie Broach, Royal College of Art Fashion Program Director, and imma, Japan’s first virtual model in Asia. The prizes on offer include three SILVER AWARDS ($5,000 USD each) and the GOLD AWARD ($20,000 USD). In addition, the PARCO PRIZE will be given to one winner and grant a space for a unique AR creation to be developed and displayed at the PARCO Building in Shibuya, Tokyo. The final award, the SUPER DOMMUNE Prize, provides the right to show your work on SUPER DOMMUNE and will be selected by Mr. Ukawa, the owner of the Prize.

The NEWVIEW AWARDS launched in 2018 and has since received a total of 622 entries from 15 countries.

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In 2018, Psychic VR Lab launched the NEWVIEW Program as an experimental community designed to introduce xR as a tool to be used beyond gaming and training. The mainstream use of xR is largely dependent on having individuals create amazing works in a variety of genres. Operating with this purpose, Psychic VR Lab launched the NEWVIEW AWARDS, the NEWVIEW SCHOOL, the NEWVIEW SCHOOL ONLINE, and the NEWVIEW CYPHER in collaboration with Loftwork and PARCO.


The STYLY – XR Creative Platform is an innovative solution to virtual reality development and distribution. In 2016, Psychic VR Lab embarked on creating a simple to use VR development tool for fashion designers to express their unique style. After years of development, the STYLY platform grew to include the easy integration and importation of numerous media types and files from a variety of popular software used by creators. Since its release, STYLY has attracted global attention from artists and creators, award shows, governments, and news outlets. In 2020, STYLY won the VR Focus’ – Better-Than-Reality Award in the category of ‘Best AR Application.’ STYLY has also gained the attention of major municipalities for its ease of use in supporting digital twin initiatives throughout Japan.

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Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. is the developer studio behind STYLY, an XR creative platform built for the creation, development, and distribution of XR content using just a web browser. The company started in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 with a core belief in the future of XR as a mainstream product and service. STYLY was launched as a creative tool specially designed for lifestyle artists passionate in the genres of fashion, art, music, culture, and more.

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