“NEWVIEW SCHOOL” to study XR as a comprehensive art form In collaboration with Parsons School of Design, based in New York City satellite school on campus.

〜 Jointly developed a 15-week intensive course that allows students to earn 3 credits for submitting their work to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 〜


NEWVIEW” is a joint project by Psychic VR Lab (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), Parco (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), and Loftwork (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which provides the VR/AR/MR creative platform STYLY (https://styly.cc), and it has established NEWVIEW SCHOOL (hosted by Psychic VR Lab, Inc.)  which provides XR* as a comprehensive art form, in New York City as a satellite school within Parsons School of Design for students. 

*XR is a generic term for technologies that provide new experiences by combining the real world with the virtual world, such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality).



This school is a program to discover and nurture the next generation of artists and creators as part of the activities of NEWVIEW, an experimental project/community that pioneers new creative expression and experience design in 3D space. It is also linked to the NEWVIEW AWARDS (https://newview.design/awards), a global XR content award in the fashion/culture/art field, to accelerate the development of new expressions and the expansion of the community.


Jointly developed a curriculum that allows students to receive credit for submitting XR work to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021

NEWVIEW SCHOOL New York, which was opened for students of the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design, offered an intensive 15-week, once-a-week course in XR-related expression methods and technical skills.

In collaboration with Parsons School of Design, we developed a curriculum that allows students to earn three credits by submitting their XR work to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021. Many students who are highly interested in art, fashion, culture, and music have expressed interest in taking this course.

If you are an educational institution and are interested in this initiative, please contact us through the contact information below.


NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021 GOLD Winner was born from the NEWVIEW SCHOOL New York

The NEWVIEW AWARDS 2021 Gold Prize, the equivalent of the Grand Prize, was awarded to Ardak Mukanova, a MFA Design and Technology at Parsons School Design who participated the NEWVIEW SCHOOL New York created 「Neo Tengri」, a VR work that reinterprets the religious beliefs of ancient nomads through this collaborative curriculum, despite having little experience creating VR works. This is the first Grand Prix winner from NEWVIEW SCHOOL New York in the first term.


■GOLD Work

Title:「Neo Tengri」

Artist:Ardak Mukanova(Artist, Graphic and Motion Designer|Kazakhstan/USA)

Based on the ancient nomadic religion of “Tengrism,” the work takes the viewer to experience an unknown world where everything is different from reality.




NEWVIEW SCHOOL New York collaborated with MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design’s online webinar project, Cloud Salon, to enrich the students’ experience of creating artworks beyond the technical content.  The guest speakers were artists and programmers. A total of 11 prominent speakers, including artist and programmer Daito Manabe, performance artist Jefferson Pinder, and game designer Joe Laquinte, were invited to give inspiration to the students’ perspectives on creating their own works. The detailed archives can be viewed below.


<Cloud Salon Youtube links>



Other entries to the NEWVIEW AWARDS

Title:No Normal World (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlussg47ew8)

Artist Name:Yixuan Liu

Work Discription:We live in a time when we are bound by all kinds of rules. We constantly and subconsciously limit our imagination by the rules like ‘you can’t’ and ‘you should’, and gradually become introverted and mediocre. We are always thinking about the feelings of others, always worrying about whether we fit the preconceptions and labels given by society. But where can I have a space that is completely mine? Can we still have a place to call our own? In this virtual world, which seems ‘abnormal’ to outsiders, I hope I can enjoy building my own imaginary space, preserving a bit of truth and simplicity under my social mask.

In this world, you can drag and drop any object to build the image you have in mind. There are many abstract deconstructionist dots and lines, as well as figurative letters to form the language you want to express, and a dynamic botanical garden to enjoy. There are also five guns, so you can pick up the bullets they shoot and use them as raw material for your world-building. In short, I want this to be a fantasy world with no constraints.

VIEW ON STYLY:https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/0b5c604e-e256-4a4e-9937-792b2b4c12fd


Title:Composition VIII (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKTKicvkzuA)

Artist Name:Hong Hua

Work Discription:Kandinsky connected the abstraction between music and painting. His works inspires me how to visualize the immersion of playing music. I converted my guitar strings into inputs, transformed the scanned room into point clouds. Also, I collected the patterns from one of Kandinsky’s works, Composition VIII, then mixed them with my performance.

Drifting, listening, and perceiving. Welcome to my room, my music zone. Oh, if you do not have a guitar “controller”, can I play a piece for you?

VIEW ON STYLY:https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/824dafb1-955d-4397-95f7-dce90d85d504

Title:The Gap (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mF_5PMOU8k)

Artist Name:Bowen Li & Nanwei Cai

Work Discription:This is a collaboration work by Bowen Li and Wayne Cai. We want to provide the feeling that the cyber life after the pandemic is more real than what we are experiencing in the physical world. In this reality, we have no focal point to any information. The noise confuses us and leads us into an experience that our attention would draw from information all the time.

VIEW ON STYLY:https://gallery.styly.cc/scene/8a95a709-7a51-4782-9ca8-ba4e27e6fda3


Lecturer Profile

Kyle Li(Assistant Professor of Intermedia at Parsons School of Design)

Kyle Li is a hands-on experimentalist and an immersive media designer based in New York City. His body of work explores playful experiences through interconnected physical and digital components. He helped build the world’s first public school redesigned with game theories in mind. He won the Best in Class: Innovation and People’s Choice award at E3 for his work around teaching with video games. He started to teach full-time at Parsons in 2008. He directed the BFA Design and Technology program, founded the indie game design major, co-designed the minor study of Immersive Storytelling, and built an industrial grade motion-capture studio for virtual reality related explorations. He continues to experiment and try to offers the latest education in design & technology to students of today.

Henry Lam(Adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design)

Henry is a designer and creative technologist that couples real world and virtual experiences. By using microcontrollers along with digital and analog sensing devices, we can create controllers that have tangible substance and weight provide input for the playful intangible virtual spaces being created through STYLY for NEWVIEW School.


NEWVIEW SCHOOL Hosted by Psychic VR Lab Inc.

◉ Contact: NEWVIEW Team info@newview.design 


NEWVIEW was launched in January 2018 as an experimental project and community to pioneer new creative expression and experience design in 3D space. In addition to activities to present new expressions to society by creating experimental works with artists of various genres, NEWVIEW AWARDS and NEWVIEW SCHOOL, an art school for learning XR as a comprehensive art form, are being developed to discover, nurture, exchange, and disseminate the next generation of creators.

Web: https://newview.design/




■ About Psychic VR Lab, Inc.

Location of Head Office: 2F MORIAURA, 1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Masahiro Yamaguchi, Representative Director

As a creative platform in the XR (VR: Virtual Reality, AR: Augmented Reality, MR: Mixed Reality) era, we are developing “STYLY”, a cloud service that allows users to build XR spaces and distribute VR/AR/MR content using just a browser. With a mission to create a world where all artists can create XR spaces, we are promoting the XRization of interfaces related to art, fashion, and lifestyle.

If you have any questions about launching a new business using STYLY or creating XR contents, please contact us from the following link.