NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 announcing 25 xR content award finalists in the quest for post-reality in the field of fashion/culture/arts

ー We will hold an exhibition at PARCO in Shibuya, Tokyo, featuring the works of the finalists! ー

LOFTWORK Co. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Psychic VR Lab (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, provider of the VR/AR/MR creative platform “STYLY“), and PARCO Corporation (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has announced the 25 finalists for the third year of the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020 (global awards calling for xR (VR/AR/MR) content in the fields of fashion, culture, and art).

In this third year of the awards, we are calling for entries from artists in Japan and abroad working in various fields under the theme of “Designing Super Experiences.” We received 145 entries (AR: 59 works, VR: 86 works), and 25 works (AR: 7 works, VR: 18 works) were selected as finalists after screening by the secretariat.

Perhaps influenced by the mood of the coronavirus crisis, many works were entered that conveyed a thirst for and exploration of post-reality and experience, and the finalists were selected for their ambitious approach, including works that took on the challenge of updating of art, performance, and storytelling methods through VR and AR and works that attempted to hack perception and physicality.

The award-winning works will be selected through a jury panel attended by Chief Judge Naohiro Ukawa and others, and an exhibition featuring the finalists’ works will be held at PARCO in Shibuya from December 12 (Saturday). The award ceremony will be held at PARCO in Shibuya on Saturday, December 17, 2020.

All the finalists’ works can also be viewed at the following links:

The announcement page of the 25 finalists’ works (Japanese)

The announcement page of the 25 finalists’ works (English)

25 Finalists’ works

▼7 AR works

Ryo Takegawa from xorium / Japan
JACKSON kaki / Japan
The contradictory experience of being an extension of the body but not its reality is expressed through the smartphone. We used AR to seriously joke around. You can make hardcore techno GABBER, which originated in the Netherlands, dance around the city.

Augmented Fashion Research / Japan
『The Hidden World』
kidach1 / Japan
We launched an experimental brand of digital fashion and created its first collection as AR content. It evokes dystopian worlds seen in science fiction movies and cartoons, creating the illusion that they exist right in front of our eyes.

『Time flies like an arrow』
Mittsu32 / Japan
『World Collider』
Tomo Kihara / Netherlands
A trip down memory lane, starting with an empty baby rack, is made to appear in the real world in AR using photogrammetry. Experiments use AR as a medium to fuse different worlds. This work focuses on the collision and fusion of East and West.

『AR for Killing ex-boyfriend』
Yuka Kamakura / Japan
This involved collaboration with the accessories brand Psycho no Machiko. This work is based on the theme of the product “My ex-boyfriend is dead ring.”  

▼18 VR works

『Birds of a Scape』
toidcoder / Japan
TakashiKikaku / Japan
This work is an attempt at interactive storytelling in which the music and scenery change depending on the player. In the midst of the restrictions on entertainment activities due to the coronavirus crisis, he proposed a contemporary work as a new form of expression in the medium of VR/AR.

mizkun / Japan
『Displays XR』
Tomoro Hanzawa / Japan
This adventure game challenges players to create a narrative experience that can only be done in VR. This work dares to use the motif of a flat display in the world of VR and attempts an experimental expression that takes advantage of the symbolism of the display.

『Fumika / Piano motion capture system』
Fumika / Japan
『gaze on me』
Miki Nigo / Germany
The challenge was to capture precise performance motions to debut the virtual character as a pianist. The work blends into the “presence that arises in people who look at each other at close range.” This is a work in which we think about each other’s existence as “gazes.”

Ami Onuma / Japan
『Inside and Outside, Virtual』
JACKSON kaki / Japan
This raises the issue of information manipulation through the UI that is so prevalent in the networked society. It expresses the uncertainty and instability of the destination to which we are being led. The loneliness and entrapment are reduced to the signifier of “room” to critically illustrate the tendency for VR to be seen as an alternative to going out.

『Nether World』
Mayuka Otsuki / Japan
『New reality – my studio』
Akiko Nakayama / Japan
This is a work on the theme of sending a message of “love for the people of the moment” through the experience of the dead. While being restricted from going to the studio due to coronavirus, I captured the VR space as a new place for drawing, an open studio.

Chen-Shun LEE / Taiwan
Mao-Che Chiu / Taiwan
A unique worldview of an increasingly mechanized society is expressed through motion graphics. As an antithesis to unusual VR content, the experience of VR shopping is expressed in a strange worldview.

『Seed Awakening』
MaruTangle / Japan
『SOS! Back to Taiwan!』
SOS! / Taiwan
This music VR game combines an original picture and music, which is an original sublimation of “Zentangle.” This game is intended to entertain people during the 14-day quarantine period imposed on those returning to Taiwan due to coronavirus.

0b4k3 / Japan
With the theme of travel, you can experience a dream or visionary excursion while playing mini games. Drinking a mysterious energy drink starts the virtual energy experience.

『The Garden of Eden』
Yiming Yang (Special thanks to Fabio Fidanza who made the sound) / China
『Alien Sightseeing in Tokyo』
Yuhi Ikui / Japan
This relates to the story of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman created by God. A three-dimensional sculpture captures the modern God as artificial intelligence. In the midst of international travel restrictions, this work sums up the odd experience of going to a strange place with aliens.

“Sanrio Puroland PRIZE” was added to NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020.

The Sanrio Puroland PRIZE has been added to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020. It grants the winner the right to display their work in the exhibition space provided at Sanrio Puroland, where they can show off their own creations.

* This PRIZE is offered in conjunction with the Digital KAWAII Award in Sanrio Puroland(, an AR award co-sponsored by Sanrio Puroland, operated by Sanrio Entertainment, Inc. and Psychic VR Lab, the provider of the xR creative platform STYLY.

NEWVIEW EXHIBITION 2020 -Post Reality-

The theme of the exhibition will be post-reality, conveying a new world of expanding three-dimensional expression and experience. The results of the judging will be announced and the award ceremony will be held on December 17 (Thursday) during the exhibition.

Period: 12/12 (Sat) – 12/20 (Sun), 2020
Time: 11:00-21:00
Fee: Free
Venue: Shibuya PARCO 4F Free Space in front of escalators (15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Exhibition Guide Page:.

* Tickets to experience the VR work can be reserved in advance at Livepocket(

NEWVIEW EXHIBITION 2020 (Virtual Exhibition))

The exhibition will also be developed virtually so it can be experienced anytime, anywhere.
Virtual Exhibition URL (STYLY): Coming Soon (details will be announced on the NEWVIEW website and social network accounts)

Official Twitter:

Final judging results including the Grand Prize will be announced on December 17, 2020 when the awards ceremony will be held.

The grand prize of USD 20,000 and the announcement of the final judging results for each award winner will be announced at an award ceremony to be held on Thursday, December 17 (tentative) during the exhibition. The award ceremony will be held and streamed online in light of the coronavirus situation. Details will be announced on the NEWVIEW website and social network accounts.

Award ceremony: Thursday, December 17, 2020
Time: 19:00-21:00
NEWIVEW Facebook:

Start distributing AR filters for exhibition promotion

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of AR filters for the promotion of the exhibition.
This content can affect the real world with the key visuals of NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020.


More than a dozen AR WORKS by spirited creators created as part of the NEWVIEW project in 2020 will be displayed at various locations in the Shibuya PARCO store. AR markers will be placed in the store to display the works, and each marker can be scanned with the smartphone app “STYLY” to view the works.


  • Period: November 20 (Friday) to December 20 (Sunday)
  • Location: more than a dozen common areas in the Shibuya PARCO store (details will be provided in the store)
  • Fee: free
  • How to watch: You can view the content with your smartphone.
    Install the smartphone app “STYLY” and scan the QR marker posted in the venue with the app to view the work on your smartphone.

AR installation by 2019 PARCO Prize winner Natsuki Ono at Shibuya PARCO

An installation work by Natsuki Ono, winner of the PARCO Prize at last year’s “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019” VR content awards, will be exhibited in the fifth-floor atrium. The work expresses shifting scenes of nature, focusing on the physical sensations and contact with nature that people are losing as they rapidly increase their time online. You can experience interactive art that changes its scenery depending on the time you view it, which is a unique digital art form.


  • Period: Friday, November 20 – Permanent
  • Location: 5F east-side escalator side atrium
  • Fee: free
  • How to watch: You can view the content with your smartphone.
    You can view the work with your smartphone by installing the smartphone app “STYLY” and scanning the QR markers posted in the venue with the app.

■Title: “Leave it to Earth”
What shapes our lives? Human beings, who have created the most livable environment on the planet, are suddenly facing restrictions to their social lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is distancing people from each other and reducing their contact with nature. If there is one thing that has not changed, it is the order of nature and the movement of the earth. People often notice the beauty in the unchanging appearance of flowers and plants, and they create gardens and love flowers. How does the physical experience of sensing something with our five senses (the concept of antennae) emerge in our lives in the space of the Internet? Let’s leave it to the earth.


For more information, please click here.



Launched in January 2018 as an experimental project/community that pioneers the design of new creative expressions and experiences in 3-D space. Other than setting up experimental works with artists of various genres and presenting new forms of expression to society, the project has developed the NEWVIEW AWARDS and the NEWVIEW SCHOOL, an art school for learning xR as a comprehensive art form, to discover, nurture, interact with, and transmit the next generation of creators.

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