“NEWVIEW SCHOOL x UNITY Technologies Japan” Partner Up To Develop An Exclusive XR Training Program in 2021

NEWVIEW SCHOOL is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Unity Technologies Japan. Unity is the software engine that leads the world in XR development. In this partnership, NEWVIEW SCHOOL and Unity will be developing a new and engaging XR training program for those content artists and creators that work on the frontlines of the XR market.

​This XR curriculum is designed to be modular, and as such students can design a curriculum optimized for their own needs. Participants will be able to engage across various educational institutions, conduct lectures, and receive support. Furthermore, they will be able to receive lectures on expression by guest lecturers who teach at NEWVIEW SCHOOL, as well as from STYLY using technical materials specialized for XR supervised by Unity.
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​Plan Overview
​- 3 months (1 lecture per week over 10 weeks) Curriculum Design *Consultation
​- Selection and provision of VR/AR materials developed jointly with Unity
​- Assign External and Technical Instructors
​- Lecture (Offline is available)
​- Technical Support
​- Entry into the “NEWVIEW AWARDS”

※Schools that have signed up for the Unity Academic Alliance will have a special plan.

Requirement For Schools
​- Online tools (Venue if it’s offline)
-​ Communication tool with students
-​ Installing Unity for STYLY
– PC (For Recommended Specifications: https://styly.cc/ja/manual/styly-qa/)

​For VR Lecturer: VR HMD
For AR Lecturer: Smartphone
​​Equipment rental is available (However, additional cost may be incurred)

Free trial will be ready soon.

Introduced Schools

Four schools have joined the list of NEWVIEW SCHOOLS in Japan in 2021.