Psychic VR Lab and SVR establishes VR laboratories in India and Pakistan to train the next generation VR creators

Psychic VR Lab, the company that provides the VR creative platform ‘STYLY (’ and SVR announces the foundation of ‘SVR Lab (Social VR Lab)’ a virtual reality laboratory for creating VR content and training creators using STYLY in Lahore, Pakistan and Punjab, India.

Contirbution to the development of the VR market in the MESA area

We have already held workshops in Pakistan for 15 Universities, 2165 students in total, but we will continue to hold workshops not only for India and Pakistan students, but for MESA area students too, and promote new VR content in areas such as fashion, art, and shopping.

Mir Nausharwan, our CAO (Chief Alliance Officer) and chief executive for India and Pakistan, commented that the growing economy of India and Pakistan is estimated to exceed Japan in 2030, America in 2050, and will become an enormous market.

SVR will provide the latest VR equipment needed for content creation to students, who have high potential. They will also give lectures and provide tools to train the next generation of VR creators, and contribute to the development of the VR market.