Psychic VR Lab and SEMBA CORPORATION Bring VR to Interior Design at the SC Business Fair 2020 – Experiencing the Next-Generation in Retail Interior Design

Psychic VR Lab (Headquarters located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Yamaguchi), the provider of the creative platform specialized for creating and publishing VR/AR/MR contents “STYLY (,” has collaborated with SEMBA CORPORATION (Headquarters located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Yashima), a professional interior design corporation, to bring a brand-new experimental “next-generation interior design which combines both the virtual and the real world” to the “SC Business Fair 2020” organized at PACIFICO Yokohama from (Wed.) January 22 to (Fri.) January 24, 2020.



A Short Video Showcasing the Exhibited Content:

At the corporation’s booth, based on their latest presentation tool, brand proposal, and the corporation’s next-generation retail interior design concept, “Augmented Retail ~ Mixed Reality ~,” SEMBA CORPORATION has combined various fashion and music content into one VR/MR space design. Using STYLY’s latest function, Multi-player Mode (available in β version), SEMBA created a space where multiple users could simultaneously enter the same space, allowing visitors to travel between the real and the VR/MR world to experience this next-generation design content.

Coordinating both the real interior designs with virtual designs during its creation, the exhibited content is an experimental design concept that fuses the uniqueness of the virtual with the real.

Users who are interested in creating the next generation of retail interior design which combines the real world with the virtual world should contact SEMBA CORPORATION’s Corporate Communication Division (

 Content Overview

<Main Theme>
—Augmented Retail—

In this next generation of AR technology, with which the real world is augmented with the virtual world, how will the retail interior design industry adjust to the new possibilities of using this kind of technology in the future? Don’t miss your chance to experience SEMBA CORPORATION’s next-generation retail interior design, which encompasses our vision for the future.

<Conceptual Content>

An entrance where users can quickly approach the corporation’s “interpretation of the world portrayed through MR and VR.” This entrance also serves as the gateway leading to the following four scenes.

A floating VR gallery portraying the corporation’s portfolio to present day. As the gallery is presented in a seemingly infinite virtual space, users can freely experience SEMBA’s various projects from both Japan and overseas at any time and from anywhere.

A special performance that combines BIM data, photogrammetry, together with the uniqueness of VR/MR. Different from design models created from foam and paper products, users can experience various models directly in actual scale. With this new technology which creates highly realistic sensations, SEMBA aims to establish a new service that employs pioneering VR/MR technologies as a communication and design tool.

A content where users can directly experience the future of apparel shops. As the world of fashion embraces fast digitization trends in designing, SEMBA aims to create a new way for users to experience the latest fashionable expressions through VR and MR. This includes the detailed coordination of new products in a virtual display within a retail store using this new technology. Users can directly sense the feelings experienced when viewing these new clothes. Additionally, the user can enjoy this experience of moving through this virtual space.

This content represents the future of music stores. With VR and MR technologies, music stores of the future can not only provide users with their personalized music list but also create a new dynamic digital space combining both music and spatial expressions, allowing users to experience the songs of their choice. Based on this concept, SEMBA has brought two different themes to visiting users: “Meet your new music” and “Delve into the music you love” with the exhibited content.

Exhibition Overview

Official Name: The 44th Japan Shopping Center National Competition—“SC Business Fair 2020”
Exhibition Period: From (Wed.) January 22 to (Fri.) January 24, 2020
Venue: PACIFICO Yokohama—Exhibition Hall, Section C2-7
Exhibited Contents: An introduction to SEMBA CORPORATION’s latest communication resources based on the main theme of “Extended Retail.”
Event Website:

Planning, Producing, Fundamental Design & Project Management: SEMBA CORPORATION
Cooperated Content Planning, Producing, and Collaborating: Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
Construction: SHIZENDOU Co., Ltd.

<Contact Information>
Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
Officer in Charge: Watanabe
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Division in Charge: Corporate Communication Division
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