STYLY AR Application is Now Available on Google Play/AppStore – First Content Available at Shibuya PARCO

Psychic VR Lab (Headquarters located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Masahiro Yamaguchi), the provider of “STYLY” ( — a VR/AR creative platform — has released STYLY AR Application which is now available on both Google Play and AppStore.

As the first wave of content to celebrate the new application’s release, “World’s End Supernova” — an AR installation created by Discont, the winner of the PARCO award at the “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018 (” held last year. This exhibition is now available at SHIBUYA PARCO’s virtual showcase “SHIBUYA XR SHOWCASE” ( located on the 5th Floor. It is a permanent exhibition. Additionally, visitors coming to the 5F exhibition can also experience the AR content created through the collaboration between “calif”—B’s INTERNATIONAL’s store at SHIBUYA PARCO — and the graphic artist “stereo-tennis.”



A glimpse of the new application

Content will be updated with brand new functions for creating and distributing AR contents.

With this new update, users will be able to import their favorite creative content into STYLY Studio from their web browsers and distribute these as AR contents for mobile devices without the need for VR-ready PC or any other special programming skills.

※The artworks being displayed at the exhibition this time are created using STYLY Studio’s β version. Users looking to try out STYLY Studio’s β version and the Unity Plugin created for the platform can contact us using the contact info below.

Permanent Exhibition: World’s End Supernova: Discont

The VR space designer, Discont — the winner of the PARCO award at the “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018,” a VR content award held last year — have created a new digital installation that is now available as a permanent exhibition on the 5F of the Shibuya PARCO. In this open space, which resembles that of a fish tank, viewers can freely interact and enjoy the various changes happening within the installation which have been based on a simulator’s image. Through various interactions, this interactive artwork allows its users to change the very ending of the installation.


Project Exhibition: #califSHIBUYA: calif × stereo-tennis

This exhibition was created through the collaboration of “calif”—B’s INTERNATIONAL’s store set up at SHIBUYA PARCO 5F — and the graphic designer “stereo-tennis.” By scanning the AR marker (QR code) found right in the middle of the wall decoration, users can enjoy a whole new virtual photo spot created from the objects that emerge from the wall.

Additionally, visitors who bought calif’s products will also have the opportunity to enjoy special content available at the store.


  • calif

As a part of B’s INTERNATIONAL, calif is the official online store which mainly handles products from brands developed by the company like XLARGE, X-girl, MILKFED, SILAS, and Styles. In addition to the online store, a calif’s store in Shibuya was established as a next-generation specialty store that connects both online and offline experience. calif strives to adapt, rearrange, and express street culture. Their shop aims to provide its visitors with new and unique customer experiences.

Online Store: calif

How to Use Our New Application

  1. Download STYLY AR application
  2. Run the downloaded STYLY AR application
  3. Tap on the camera icon at the bottom left of the screen
  4. Scan the STYLY marker (QR code) and tap on the start button

Tapping on the camera mark at the bottom left of the screen

Tapping on the start button after taking a photo of the STYLY marker

STYLY Marker

※Users can access AR content by scanning the STYLY marker (QR code) shown above using the STYLY AR App. Users can also scan other STYLY markers that are outside the Shibuya PARCO exhibition. Users can enjoy artworks from the finalist art list of the “NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019” which are currently being exhibited as AR artworks (

For more information, please contact us at:
Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
Officer: Watanabe