Public beta version release of STYLY, a VR creation and distribution platform for creators

Psychic VR Lab, a provider of the VR creative platform STYLY (, released a public beta version of STYLY, a platform that allows all creators to create and distribute VR spaces on the cloud on August 4. All features are available free of charge. The company plans to expand the number of applications and devices that can be used to import VR content and expand the functionality of the service to enable a variety of creators to give presentations using spaces.
■About STYLY

STYLY is a VR production and delivery cloud service that runs with just a web browser, and is compatible with both Mac and Windows and can be used on standard non-VR compatible PCs. STYLY is also available as an application to view your work in VR. (To start, the HTC Vive-compatible version will be available on a dedicated website. Planning to release on Steam and Oculus Store in the future.) Up until now, the company has held a number of exhibitions with Isetan and PARCO as part of their store policies using VR, all of which were created using STYLY. We also released a private beta version at SXSW 2017 in Austin, USA in March 2017, and we currently have 500 advance beta users. We have collected requests for feature improvements from the user community and have made improvements. STYLY has been chosen by Microsoft BizSpark Plus, a start-up support program, allowing us to provide high quality services using Azure cloud with the support of Microsoft Japan.    

■STYLY features

1. A cloud service that runs with just a web browser

STYLY runs with just a web browser, so you don’t need to download any applications or extensions, and it can run on both Mac and Windows. It is designed for use with standard PCs, allowing many PC users to create their own VR space.
2. Integration with various creative tools

It allows for imports from standard 3D softwares such as MAYA, Blender, and Google Poly without the need for programming, meaning many creators can immediately build a VR space and utilize STYLY.
3. STYLY is compatible with a wide range of devices and can deliver immediately without special processing.

STYLY makes it possible to access and view the space you are creating in near real time using a viewing VR application by streaming VR data, eliminating stress for the user. The viewing VR application has been released for the HTC Vive, and will be available in the future for the Oculus Rift, Daydream, Gear VR, and various other devices. Creators will be able to create spaces without worrying about the device.
*Currently only available on HTC VIVE. Support for other devices will be available in due course. STYLY will be developed into a platform that allows all creators to build VR and MR in conjunction with various creative tools. We have special plans for educational institutions, so please contact us if you are interested in this service. Additional compatible services, software, and devices will be announced as they become available.