The XRMV Representing Pop Art and the Internet: “Loova VR” by aint lindy / JACKSON kaki

Introducing “Loova VR”, a collaborative VR work by singer/producer aint lindy and artist JACKSON kaki. This article explains the works’ VR world, which combines aint lindy’s worldview of pop art and JACKSON kaki’s approach to Internet art.

We hope you enjoy the work even more after reading this article!

Loova VR

Artist Profile: aint lindy

aint lindy is a singer/producer based in Tokyo. Their works have a danceable rhythm and sound, giving the sense of a lighthearted yet solid base sound.



aint lindy(@aint_lindy)がシェアした投稿

This time, aint lindy collaborated with JACKSON kaki who created the music video for the newly released “Loova”.


“Loova VR” is based on the world presented in the original music video.

Come experience the world of “Loova” in VR!

About “Loova VR”

When you enter the VR world of “Loova”, you will see a space filled with a variety of highly saturated objects and dancing people in front of you. Each distinctive object is placed randomly.


Random Objects

The dancers all perform the same movements, appearing almost puppet-like.

Repetitive Movements

What is the significance of each object? Enjoy the music as you explore.

Enjoy Exploring

The world of “Loova” was created to reflect pop art and the current state of the Internet.

Pop art is an art movement that occurred in the 1960s. To be considered pop art, works should reflect the state of popular media in a society of mass consumption and mass production.

One of the most famous pop artists is Andy Warhol, known for his many paintings of actress Marilyn Monroe.

He did not paint Marilyn Monroe because he liked her, but rather because he wanted to create paintings that depicted the “situation” occurring in advertisements at the time.

This leads to how we interact with the current state of the Internet.


Flood of Images

The Internet today allows us to create our “identity” by posting all kinds of images through social media and other means.

It is a modern situation in which we have come to wear the popular mass-produced “images of the Internet” as part of our digital identity.

Wearing Images

“Loova VR” is a space that presents a collection of “random images” arranged to be worn and mass consumed.

It is a virtual space created in response to the modern age of wearing—consuming—popular images.

Virtual Space

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Edited by SASAnishiki
Translated by passerby1