Spaces and Sculptures Depicting New Ecosystems: NEWVIEW CYPHER by Luna Woelle

The purpose of this article is to introduce the 3DCG artist Luna Woelle’s VR work “NEWVIEW CYPHER”.

Luna Woelle is a 3DCG artist who creates graphics and AR, and is also a member of the art collective Mizuha 罔象.

I will first describe her career as an artist followed by the key concepts used to understand her work based on my analysis.

I hope you will be able to develop an appreciation of her art.


About Luna Woelle

Luna woelle

Luna Woelle was Born in Slovenia in 2000. Digital artist, graphic designer, DJ, designer, and visual curator of the experimental label Mizuha 罔象.

(Translated from the official NEWVIEW CYPHER website




As a visual artist, she uses 3D graphics to create images of opposing symbols drawn from life, nature, and machines.


Luna Woelle(@wo11.e)がシェアした投稿


The scene starts in a cave.

It is filled with rocks and water, and mysterious music is playing in the background. At the far end of the cave, the audience sees a rotating object.

Sacred nature.

As you proceed through the space surrounded by rocks, you approach the main object.

A strange object

The sculpture created by Luna Woelle stands and rotates freely, yet, at the same time, seems to exist in harmony with the nature surrounding it.

This balance between her sculpture and the natural space – the simple juxtaposition of an artifact and nature – is the grandeur and depth of Luna Woelle’s expression.

In reality, the artifact and the nature around it are perceived as opposites that are difficult to integrate.

Man-made objects give an impression of being artificial, whereas the physical world feels natural.

Two opposing entities

However, in virtual reality and in 3D computer graphics, we are able to create a “new state” by reconstructing existence through space and time.

This reconstruction could be interpreted as an “ecosystem.”

In this virtual space, we are able to depict and create new ecosystems. This is the key to appreciating Luna Woelle’s work.

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