“sabachan” which re-examines what it means to wear.

This article is about fashion designer/artist simesabaaa’s work “sabachan”.

Although this work was born from the fashion of NEWVIEW CYPHER, it does not keep the form of “clothing”, but is a work that reexamines what it means to wear.


About simesabaaa



Born in Hiroshima in 1996.
Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School with a major in fashion design in the evening.
I visualize my own senses and memories, and tries to build new relationships by making people wear them.
I am currently working on the theme of embracing.

(Taken from the NEWVIEW official website: https://newview.design/en/works/sabachan/ )


In 2020, she exhibited her graduation work at Kuwasawa Design School.




Through designs that wear the “inside” of the body, like internal organs, on the outside of the body, simesabaaa has created “fashion” for herself.

The idea of “fashion” that she cultivated during her time at Kuwasawa Design School has been sublimated into her work for XR.

About sabachan

When you launch a scene, an abstract space appears in front of you. The space is constructed by cutting and pasting the image data from the camera and the negative image data.

The image data that simesabaaa has imported is used as material for 3D objects, and photographs of various shapes are arranged.


This work does not have a time axis as a scene, but a static space to be appreciated.

As you walk across the space, the space is constructed by images.

These images are data from simesabaaa’s own old photos and photos of her mother.

simesabaaa describes the statement of this work as follows.

My mother was a very sensitive and delicate person. When I was a child, my mother would cry alone in her bedroom at night, and I would feel her tears in the next room, just a wall away. It was a very long time for me. For a very long time, I pretended not to see her curled up little behind and not to listen to her trembling voice.

I now know that if I had been able to be there for her when she was sad and hug her, she would have felt my love for her. But I also want to hug myself for not being able to do anything about it back then.

Those memories are undoubtedly an important part of who I am, and I will take them in. This is the space of my love that I will need in my life from now on.

(Taken from the NEWVIEW official website: https://newview.design/en/works/sabachan/ )

Tools and photographs that have become part of the memories of the artist are transformed into a 3D space using 2D data.

This work allows viewers to relive the artist’s memories by viewing the 3D objects and the space created by them.

This work is not about experiencing “clothes” in fashion, but about experiencing the “memory” of the artist.


However, the absence of “clothes” does not mean that the nature of fashion has been lost.

At the opening party held at NEWVIEW FEST 2021, simesabaaa’s work was introduced.
(simesabaaa’s time is 2:30:02 ~ 2:35:00 )


After viewing simesabaaa’s work, chloma designer Junya Suzuki said, “When I was in this space, I was able to imagine what the feeling of simesabaaa’s clothes on my skin would be like. This space gave me the opportunity to wear simesabaaa’s clothes for the first time.

I think this evaluation reaffirms the question of “wearing” in fashion.

simesabaaa’s works question “memory” through the act of wearing them. Not through physical clothing, but through the use of XR.

By reconstructing the immersive experience of XR as a function of “wearing”, simesabaaa’s work embodies a different way of thinking about “fashion” than clothing.

This is the novelty of XR and the potential of fashion in this work that should be appreciated.





This work is an experience about fashion and “wearing” in XR.

Experience it for yourself and appreciate the artist’s memories and narratives.


  • Experience it from your smartphone

    Download STYLY Mobile and launch the scene. For instructions on how to download, please refer to the following article.

Once you have downloaded the work, click on the image below to access the scene. Scan the QR code on the scene page to view the work.