The everyday nature of VR and the attraction “THE PIT” as seen by people gathered around “The Hole”: Dave Maggio

This article introduces the work “THE PIT” (bottomless hole) by 3D artist Dave Maggio, the finalist of NEWVIEW AWARD 2019.

Virtual space attractions



Rugged rocks surround a mysterious entrance. A sign saying THE PIT (bottomless hole) hangs from the rock surface.

Standing in front of the monitor next to it for a while, the gentleman started talking.


“Welcome to THE PIT! Here are some premium attractions for
the whole family. There are also delicious drinks, souvenirs, and limited edition T-shirts. The Bottomless Pit Master, “Bloopie” loves photography. Hashtag # Take more photos with pitbloopie2019!”


Near the entrance, people in cool caps and “Bloopie” T-shirts hang out. With that behind me, I finally enter the other side of the rock wall.


A pink round protrusion emerges from a pit that you can look into from the center of the square. It’s huge and makes strange movements. There are many people around it. What the hell is it? I will push through the crowds to get a closer look.


The pink round protrusion that was coming in and out of the hole was the head of “Bloopie”.
It has a mysterious face, like a dog without ears, but it welcomes visitors with a smile. Compared to the height of the people around me, the face alone is four times as tall.


As you look up from below the figure is a powerful sight. Bloopie, which is about the height of a 40-story building, swings his head swiftly with a smile and repeated up and down movements. The powerful motions, in contrast to his gentle expression, exude a unique energy and charm.


THE PIT (The Bottomless Pit) is a mysterious attraction that can only be visited in virtual space. No physical transportation such as cars or trains is required. All you need is a smartphone, PC, or VR headset, and you can travel to this moment. Why don’t you visit us once?

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About the artist

Dave Maggio / Maggio Dave (Instagram @davemaggio)
3DCG artist | Japan

A 3DCG artist from New York living in Tokyo and NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 finalist.

Disappearance of extraordinariness


“With virtual reality, you can enter a new world. But what kind of world will we eventually create as VR begins to permeate the present age? The world of “THE PIT” is a mysterious attraction at the end of the earth that is both everyday and exotic.”


それに応えるように、彼は地球の果てにある謎のアトラクションTHE PIT (底なし穴)、日常的でエキゾチックな世界を創造しました。


VRデバイスが、スマートフォンのように日常生活に浸透し始めたらどうなるでしょうか。例えば、休日の過ごし方はどのように変わるでしょうか。現実世界でしか体験できなかったことが、バーチャル世界で代替可能になったら、その選択肢は格段に増え、地球の果てにある謎のアトラクションTHE PIT(底なし穴)は、リアルとバーチャルを超えた日常の中に確かに存在するでしょう。


In the realm of virtual reality, not only can you create any world you wish but you can also experience it on an immersive level with your own body, which is clearly different from more traditional art such as paintings, sculptures, cartoons, and movies, etc.

What kind of world will we create in the end as VR is beginning to permeate the present age? “
The mysterious attraction THE PIT (bottomless hole) at the end of the earth was created as an everyday yet exotic world.

This is different from the experimental and novelty-seeking approaches of the early days of VR media, where he approaches the world from an everyday perspective and questions the disappearance of the unusualness of VR media itself.

What if VR devices begin to permeate aspects of everyday life such as smartphones? For example, how will the way we spend our holidays change? If something that could only be experienced in the real world before can now be replicated in the virtual world, our choices will increase dramatically, and the mysterious attraction THE PIT (bottomless hole) at the end of the earth will become an everyday experience that transcends real and virtual.

Creating your own daily life with VR


Suddenly turning my eyes to the roadside, I see tapioca drinks. Has someone been drinking? Just after seeing the main attraction, Bloopie, it makes me feel thirsty and looks really good.
In this way, what you often see in the real world can also be often found in the virtual world, which creates an affinity for this world and brings out a feeling of further immersion. Even in these details, you get a glimpse of the author’s approach of an everyday perspective.


There is a long line in front of the tapioca shop. I don’t see any vending machines, so this may be the only place for hydration. Short sleeves probably mean that this is a warm area.
Symbolic objects are carefully placed and information is kept minimal to stir the visitor’s imagination.


The price is also bullish at 850 yen. The price-setting seems realistic for tourist spots and theme parks.


This scenery along with Bloopie’s movements is reminiscent of geysers that exist in the real world. * Geysers are hot springs that spout hot water or steam regularly or irregularly and are often found in volcanic areas.
The fact that the crowds and natural motifs are not too dissimilar from the original landscape of the real world makes us more immersed in the theme of VR attractions.

The motif of a hole





You’ll want a souvenir

As you explore this world of souvenirs, you’ll find yourself so immersed that you’ll want a souvenir T-shirt. It could be said that the fact that we really went there reflects the current evolutionary era in which virtual space is being expanded into everyday life. Under such circumstances, it is a work that makes us think about how to evolve a new daily life.