【Document summary】Photogrammetry Meetup vol.1 at TIMEMACHINE

On Saturday, August 10th, we held the event, Photogrammetry Meetup vol.1 at TIMEMACHINE.

Many photogrammetry experts, from inside and outside of our company participated as speakers.
The documents from the event can be accessed from below.

Tips on how to take photographs of small objects for photogrammetry

Explains on the tips and cautions when one wants to take and use pictures of small objects for photogrammetry, and examples of objects not suited for photogrammetry.


A system to take a complete 3D body scan and to create a 3D model from the image, using Raspberry Pi

Introduces a whole body 3D scan and model creation system using Raspberry Pi.


How to create a wide area photogrammetry scene using a handheld camera.

A tutorial on how to capture a wide area using a handheld camera and your own legs, and how to create a photogrammetry scene from your images.

This article also explains how photogrammetry works, and the basic functions of the technique.


Photogrammetry – How it can be used for personal uses, and future possibilities

Introduces how to perform photogrammetry, how anyone can use this technique, and example of its uses.


Let’s do Photogrammetry

Introduces the steps on a whole body modelling process, starting from a whole body 3D scan, how to generate mesh with Reality Capture, how to apply texture, retopology with Wrap3 and how to export using Reality Capture with the texture applied.

Architecture digital archives with wide area photogrammetry

Introduces examples where photogrammetry is used for archiving, the author’s experience with 銭洗弁天VR, and tips on how to prevent holes from emerging when using photogrammetry with thin objects.