How to experience a scene from the Gallery in VR

I will introduce how to experience a scene from theGallery in VR.

Please access the Gallery page.

Gallery toppage

A list of recommended scenes by creators and users will be shown. Click the thumbnail picture of the Scene you want to experience.

VR Scene page

You can experience a VR Scene using VR mode, or Web Player mode.
If you select VR mode, you can experience the VR scene in VR.
If you select Web Player mode, you can experience the scene using a web browser.

Put the cursor above the thumbnail picture of the VR Scene. A VR icon and a Web Player icon should popup.
Please click the VR icon.
If STYLY is already installed in your computer, the STYLY VR application will launch, and you will be able to experience the scene in VR.

STYLY Download

If STYLY is not installed in your computer, a window like this will popup.
Please click ‘Download STYLY’.

Steam toppage

You will be directed to Steam, a game distribution platform.
Please refer to the following article to learn how to create a Steam account and download the STYLY VR application.

After you download the STYLY VR application, open the Scene page that you want to experience, and select the VR icon.
You should be able to experience it in VR.