How to Use STYLY-Unity-Examples on GitHub

When reading articles about STYLY, you are sometimes asked to download ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’.

From ‘How to Create a Three-Dimensional Sound Waveform’

In brief, GitHub is a web service that allows people around the world to save and publish their own work (program code, files and etc.).

It’s free for personal and commercial use.

‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’ is the collection of high-precision Scenes, Prefabs, etc. usable for STYLY, which allows you to save time because you don’t need to create them from scratch.

In STYLY Magazine, you can find the article about how to create the contents in ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’.

This time, we will explain how to use ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’ for absolute beginners.

Download ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’ and Check Its Folders

We prepared ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’, to view them click the link below.

GitHub – Top Page

When opening GitHub, you will find the ‘Sign up’ button in the center of the screen to create a GitHub account. However, we will not explain how to create an account in this article because you don’t need GitHub account to download ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples’.

Click ‘Clone or download’.


Select ‘Download ZIP’

Select ‘Download ZIP’.

Then, the Zip file is downloaded automatically.

Decompress (Unzip) the ZIP file

When the download is finished, decompress (unzip) the ZIP file and check the folders in it.

Check Files in Unity

Select the Decompressed ‘STYLY_Unity_Examples’

Launch Unity and click ‘Open’ to bring up the screen to select a file. Open ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples-master’ decompressed earlier to open the project.

Launch the Project

Store it in ‘Assets’

Open ‘STYLY-Unity-Examples-master/Assets/STYLY_Examples’ to display the list of Unity projects.

The List of ‘STYLY-Examples’

This time, we will explain just how to use a sample project. Feel free to select any of the STYLY-Examples. For this explanation we used ‘9 windows’ as an example.

↓You can view ‘9 windows’ in the Gallery shown below.


Select the Scene

Open the ‘9 Windows’ folder in ‘STYLY-Examples’ and double-click the Scene.

Check the Scene

It opens the ‘9 Windows’ scene.

You can also upload it to STYLY directly.

How to upload the whole Unity Scene to STYLY:

Check the Hierarchy Window

In the Hierarchy window, you can check the elements of the Scene.

Check the Effects

In addition, you can check the setting for each effect by using the Inspector of each element of the Scene.

How to upload each element to STYLY:

Check the Article and Gallery

Check ‘README’

Open the Inspector window to find a ‘README’ notification for ‘9 Windows’ scene. Check the article related to the Scene and the URL to view it in STYLY Gallery.

The URL of the Article

The URL related to the Scene appears below the line of ‘##document’.

Copy and paste this URL and search for it to find the article.

※Note that some scenes don’t have their related articles.

The URL for the Gallery Page

The URL to view the Scene in STYLY Gallery appears below the line of ‘##STYLY Gallery Page.’

Copy and paste this URL and search for it to view the scene in the STYLY Gallery site.



This concludes our introduction on how to use a ‘STYLY-Unity-Example’ that is usable in STYLY.

Please make good use of it when creating a scene.