Points you should be careful of when creating STYLY scenes

In this article, I will talk about points you should be careful of when creating STYLY scenes.

Points for STYLY WEB Studio

Category Details
Points to take care when using STYLY WEB Studio Use of latest version of Google Chrome is recommended
Colliders are set by default to objects uploaded to STYLY
→If you don’t need colliders, upload the whole scene using Unity
Some shaders are not shown properly in the WEB Studio, but they will be shown properly in the VR client
When you encounter problems using STYLY WEB Studio When STYLY WEB Studio doesn’t work properly, try clearing browser caches
(If you’re using Google Chrome, Win:Ctrl + F5 / Mac:command + shift + r)

STYLY Frequent Questions

This article talks explains how to deal with errors that occur using STYLY.
Please refer to this article when in trouble.

Points to take care when creating a scene using Unity

Category Details
Version Please use Unity version 2017.4.x(as in 2019/03)
Unity functions Most basic functions in Unity are usable, but some will not work
C# scripts will not work
→When creating logics, please use Playmaker(Details
When using lights, you need to set ”Render mode” to “Important”
Lights may look differently in Unity and STYLY
Particle Scale moves work differently in Unity and STYLY
Unity Plugin for STYLY Unity modules for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/WebGL are needed(Details
By enabling Local Cache in Unity, the upload will become shorter
As the project becomes larger, the upload time becomes longer
→By creating a package just from the prefabs you want to upload, and creating a new Unity project, the upload time will largely improve.
System behavior are not the same with prefab upload and scene upload.

Using prefab upload and scene upload depending on your needs

There are two ways to upload assets from Unity to STYLY using the Unity Plugin for STYLY. The two ways are, prefab upload and scene upload. The system behaviour differs, so please take note of the following points.

Prefab Upload Scene Upload
Uploading assets per object
Colliders are auto-applied
Prefab upload is usually enough
Features Uploading the whole scene
By using scene upload, you can upload a whole scene created in Unity to STYLY
No colliders are applied
You cannot place multiple scenes in a single STYLY scene
You can move the asset around freely in STYLY
Because the upload is per object, moving it around is easy
Colliders are auto-applied, so you don’t need to set colliders in Unity
Merits Most settings you created using Unity are applied to STYLY too
Colliders are auto-applied, so it is not suited for complex scenes using a lot of colliders Demerits You cannot move the uploaded scene around the scene in STYLY
You need to plan and create the scene with the STYLY start position in mind
It is suited for assets you plan to move around in STYLY Pros and Cons It is suited for complex scenes created in Unity
(ex)Interactive scenes using colliders, or scenes using physics such as gravity
Not suited for assets you want to move around and set using STYLY
Since colliders are set automatically, there may be confilcts with Playmaker Trigger Events Cautions You need to delete the Camera in the Unity Scene before uploading
Daydream/GearVR are not supported
The upload may fail if the size is too huge
How to upload an asset from Unity to STYLY 記事URL How to use the Unity Scene Upload function

Uploading large size assets

This article explains how to shrink large assets and upload them.

Points to take care when creating scenes using Playmaker

Category Details
Versions Use Playmaker version 1.8.x(as in 2019/3)
→If you use different versions, some actions may not work properly(such as collisions)
Playmaker functions You can use all basic functions of Playmaker
Playmaker ecosystem(Extended actions)are currently not supported
Transactions between multiple FSM’s are not usable

Playmaker Conclusion

This article talks about What is Playmaker・What you can create with it.


I introduced the points to take care when creating a scene in STYLY
There are many points you need to take care when using Unity and Playmaker, so please take care.