How to use an uploading function of Unity scene

STYLY starts to offer an α version of uploading function which can upload a whole scene that is made in unity. This article concludes how to use an uploading function, specification and restrictions.

The α version may not work properly since the uploading function is limited. We would appreciate your understanding.


an example of using a scene uploading function


How to upload a scene from Unity

Right click a “scene” file → Select “Upload prefab or scene to STYLY”

You can get a latest version of UnityPlugin from a download page below.


  • Select and upload a scene from an Unity Uploader
  • Select and place an uploaded scene from My Models on a web editor
    • You can’t translate, rotate or scale though the scene will be appeared on the web editor
  • You can experience a VR client only on the PC
  • You need to set the start position (0,0,-5) in advance because you can’t change it later.


  • Upload the scene after deleting a camera in a scene
  • You can use the function on a WebEditor, a Web Player and the PC VR Client.  

You can’t use it on a Daydream and a GearVR

  • Scripts are not delivered
    • Some active contents may not work properly
  • Thumbnail of a scene assets are displayed DUMMY
  • If files are too big, they may not be  uploaded

An advantage for your work

You can express the lighting and the reflection by using the scene uploading function

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