STYLY collaborates with the idol group ‘CY8ER’, Rinahamu Ichigo produced brand ‘Miroku Tokyo’. Six items with STYLY markers are available for purchase only

– The 3D look of Rinahamu Ichigo in AR via STYLY Mobile App –

The VR/AR/MR creative platform “STYLY(” provided by Psychic VR Lab (Head Office- Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President- Yukihiro Yamaguchi) has collaborated with fashion brand “Miroku Tokyo” produced by Rinahamu Ichigo of the idol unit “CY8ER”.

Six limited items of STYLY markers are now available at the official shop of “Miroku Tokyo”(, where you can experience the 3D look in AR by using our STYLY Mobile app. STYLY has been selected as the AR content distribution platform for this project.


Install our STYLY Mobile app from the top page of the official Miroku Tokyo shop (, tap on the AR VIEW button and experience any one of the experiences, and the other 5 with QR cord in the official shop.


6 items with STYLY markers

In this AR contents, you can experience the 3D look of Mr. Rinahamu Strawberry that was taken by the STYLY scanner( in AR.

Smartphone application “STYLY”.

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What is Miroku-Tokyo?

This is a fashion brand created by Rinahamu Ichigo of the idol group ‘CY8ER’.

Orders for the new items will be accepted from May 10. The first item high-neck zip hoodie, CY8ER Arusha, major 1st album jacket, the costume has also been appointed to the MV.

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STYLY is a VR/AR/MR creative platform that provides artists with a place for spatial expression.

By utilizing STYLY, you can construct a variety of spaces that express the imagination of creators without limit, such as conceptual shop spaces, installations, and galleries. Through this space, we are able to share experiences to the world of the Internet that were not possible in reality until now.

It is possible to create VR space only with a web browser, and STYLY is compatible with Mac and Windows, and can be used on popular PCs other than VR-compatible PCs. In addition, since it is linked to services such as Youtube, SoundCloud and Instagram, as well as 3D software such as MAYA and Blender, you can take in various materials without complicated operations and utilize them in the creation of space.

In the spring of 2020, it will be possible to create and distribute content for AR with STYLY Studio, a VR production tool that is currently being offered.

Even if you do not have a VR-enabled PC or programming skills, you can import your favourite creatives into STYLY Studio, which is deployed in a web browser, and deliver AR content for mobile.

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Head office location: MORIAURA 2F, 1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Masahiro Yamaguchi, Representative Director

As a creative platform in the age of virtual reality (VR), we are developing “STYLY”, which is a cloud service that allows you to build and distribute VR spaces with only a browser. We are promoting VR in interfaces related to art, fashion and lifestyle with the mission of creating a world where all creators can create VR spaces.


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