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STYLY now has built-in camera function to record the image of VR space easily. This function allows users to record various promotion movies so that they can publish their VR work in an attractive manner even for the people without VR HMD.

‘Daydream’the VR work by Ms Mika Maruyama NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018 finalist

About Camera function in STYLY WebEditor 

This function allows you to record a movie of VR space in STYLY WebEditor. It has two modes, ‘Manual mode’ and ‘Automatic mode’.

Manual mode

In the Manual mode, you can record a video freely while moving forward, back, left and right by the ‘WASD’ keys and moving up and down by the ‘E’ and ‘Q’ key respectively. You can change the speed of the camera, zoom in and zoom out so that you record images exactly as you imaged.

Instruction – Left: Manual mode, Right: Automatic mode

Automatic mode

In the Automatic mode, you can record a move by the camera revolving around an axis.

You can set the axis of the revolution manually. In addition, you can change the radius of the revolution, the camera angle and the camera height, while you can also reverse the camera. Those help you to add variations to movies easily.

The image taken in Automatic mode


The image taken by the reversed camera

The recorded movie is automatically saved as WebM file. Please convert it into MP4 or other movie file by free software or etc. according to your application.

Please refer to the detailed instruction below to how to use it.

・How to use the camera function in STYLY WebEditor:

Ryohei Watanabe

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