STYLY now supports importing glTF data ~ You can also import animation from Sketchfab

STYLY now supports importing glTF data.

phoenix bird created by NORBERTO-3D

phoenix bird created by NORBERTO-3D


About glTF

glTF, ‘GL Transmission Format’, is a versatile data format that compatible with Web GL and etc.

This time, STYLY came to be able to support this data format, so you can export animated 3D data created with a creative tool such as Microsoft Maquette, Blender, Maya, 3DSMAX, in glTF format and then import it into STYLY. In addition, it’s possible to import the animation data uploaded to the 3D model sharing site ‘Sketchfab’.

※ Please check the licence agreement about the copyright of each 3D data by yourself.

How to import 3D data: