STYLY Debuts on HTC’s VIVEPORT, Free for VIVE HMDs Exclusive VR Live Tour: DIG INTO NEWVIEW 2021 by STYLY

Tokyo, Japan, 6th September 2021 – Psychic VR Lab Co. Ltd. has today announced the STYLY app is now available via VIVEPORT, available to download now and free for all compatible VIVE HMDs. To celebrate the release of this app, Psychic VR Lab will hold an online event for multiple people to tour a variety of VR art creations simultaneously using STYLY.

Three new collections created with STYLY can also be distributed independently from today as a feature of the app and it’s unique XR functionality, viewable via web browser, smartphone app or on VR HMDs.

STYLY is the XR creative platform for “Designing Your Ultra Experience.” The STYLY GALLERY offers the opportunity to explore over 10,000 unique AR and VR scenes optimized for most popular HMDs, mobile devices, and web browsers. Brimming with XR works designed by artists and creators from all around the world, these published works are the embodiment of modern culture, from art and fashion to music and architecture. All STYLY GALLERY scenes can be experienced for free. 

STYLY supports all major VR headsets for VR experiences in a variety of situations, including the recently released HTC VIVE Focus 3, the latest standalone VR headset launched by HTC.


STYLY Brings App Publishing to VR Content Creators

It is also now possible to distribute STYLY-produced works as individual apps on VIVEPORT. Since this is an experimental initiative, distribution will begin with works that have been selected by the STYLY team.

  1. NEWVIEW Featuring Works Collection

Launched in 2018, NEWVIEW is an experimental project/community that pioneers and expands the design of creative expression and experience in 3D space. The collaborative works of 12 artists created by NEWVIEW are gathered in one portal space. Fashion, music, video, graphics, illustration and more, created by artists that encapsulate the feeling of the modern era, are available to enjoy from today. 




NEWVIEW AWARDS was launched in 2018 with the aim of discovering the next generation of artists and creators who explore XR expression. The “NEWVIEW 2020 VIRTUAL EXHIBITION” is a portal space where you can enjoy the works of the finalists selected for the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2020, and we invite you to experience the works that question the diversified reality depicted by 5G, pandemic, and technology.



  1. VR Music World

This music content features five works based on the theme of music x VR. These include a VR music video featuring DECO*27’s song “Android Girl” and virtual singer “Kokotsuki,” and “ENCLOSURE,” an installation work based on the concept of “sound space.



■ The first “DIG INTO NEWVIEW 2021 by STYLY” tour event will see multiple people visit VR art at the same time

“DIG INTO NEWVIEW 2021 by STYLY” is a VR touring and live event where you can experience the incredible works of digital artists from the NEWVIEW Community. Join in the NEWVIEW 2021 VR Tour and experience VR art together with friends. 

In this VR touring event, digital curator and XR evangelist Miriam Arbus and TiltBrush artist Sean Rodrigo will be our hosts and digital world guides as we navigate through five hand-selected VR works from amazing and talented NEWVIEW VR creators. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to dig into the virtual world and experience a new digital culture with us!



Host and Guide

Miriam Arbus (Digital Curator and XR Evangelist) 

Miriam Arbus is a Toronto-based digital curator and XR evangelist who has spent the better part of the last decade focused on expanding the mainstream use of XR technologies. She is a social media influencer in the XR industry and has curated countless digital art galleries all over the world. Currently, she is working to build stronger XR communities through AR and VR education and meetups. 

Guide and Guest Artist

Sean Rodrigo (Immersive TiltBrush Artist)

Sean Rodrigo is a London-based immersive artist working with creative technologies as a design tool. Sean is an avid user of VR as an artist’s medium. His headset and controllers are his tools for beautiful VR creations.


Tour Registration

Participation in the “DIG INTO NEWVIEW 2021 by STYLY” event requires a VR-enabled environment and STYLY installation. This event will be held live in VR using STYLY, the XR creative platform.

To register, please visit the ticketing site using the following URL: 

Registration and Admission Fee


Tour Date and Time

September 17, 18:00 BST (UTC+1)

This live event is scheduled to last about one hour.

STYLY is available now via VIVEPORT:

How to enjoy STYLY:

  1. Install the STYLY on VIVEPORT.
  2. Visit our featured NEWVIEW Works!

NEWVIEW Featuring Works Collection
VR Music World  



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About Psychic Lab VR

Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. is the developer studio behind STYLY, an XR creative platform built for the creation, development, and distribution of XR content using just a web browser. The company started in Tokyo, Japan in 2016 with a core belief in the future of XR as a mainstream product and service.   STYLY was launched as a creative tool specially designed for lifestyle artists passionate in the genres of fashion, art, music, culture, and more. 

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