How to Upload a 3D Model Created with Tilt Brush to STYLY [Latest Version]

Tilt Brush is a creative tool provided by Google that allows you to draw in 3D space with VR.

Tilt Brush enables you to paint while feeling the depth brought about by a 3-Dimesional perspective. Your creativity is not limited to paint brushes, with Tilt Brush you can create and paint your own 3D objects enhanced with particles and scenes that can be easily adjusted. 

You can export and publish your 3D creations made with Tilt Brush to Google Poly, a 3D content platform provided by Google. Unfortunately, Google Poly will be shutting down on June 30, 2021, and 3D content created with Tilt Brush will no longer be capable of being published. As an alternative, if you use STYLY, you will be able to easily publish your 3D models, scenes, and other works created with Tilt Brush.

In this article, we will explain how to export 3D models directly from Tilt Brush without using Google Poly, and how to use and publish them in STYLY STUDIO.


Tilt Brush by Google

Exporting a 3D Model

In order to use a Tilt Brush 3D model in STYLY STUDIO, you need to export it in .glb format and then upload the 3D model in .glb format to STYLY STUDIO.
This section explains how to do this.

Creating a 3D Model

Launch Tilt Brush and create a 3D model.

In this example, we created a model of the letter “S” surrounded by a square using paint.


Preparing a 3D model

Creating a 3D Model – An “S” surrounded by a Square

We used the Marker option as the painting tool.


Marker – Tool

Feel free to create whatever 3D model you want.


To export the 3D model, first set the mode in Tilt Brush to Advanced Mode. By default, this option is set to Beginner Mode.

Select Advanced Mode in the left side menu.


Advanced Mode

After switching to Advanced Mode, select More Options… from the left side menu.


More Options…

This will open the More Options menu. Select Labs, this is the flask icon in the center.



Selecting Labs will open another menu. In this menu, select Export.



Exporting will start automatically.


While exporting

Exporting Sketch… is displayed

When “Untitled_0 exported!” is displayed, the export process is completed.


Exporting completed

Exporting completed

Uploading to STYLY STUDIO

Let’s upload the model to STYLY STUDIO. Do this by opening 3D Model > My Models & Upload in STYLY STUDIO.


My Models & Upload

Click on Select… and find the .glb file that you exported from Tilt Brush. The export file is saved in the local folder PC > Documents > Tilt Brush > Exports.



Inside the Untitled_0 folder you will find four different formats saved in separate folders. Open the glb folder.


Select glb

Select glb

Select Untitled_0.glb and then Open.


Select the data

Select Untitled_0.glb file

The Untitled_0.glb file will be uploaded to STYLY STUDIO. From here, you can select the file from My Models and place it in your scene.


Upload complete

Untitled_0 – Upload complete

Place the 3D model in the scene.


Placement complete

Scene placement complete

This is how to export a 3D model from Tilt Brush and upload it to STYLY STUDIO.

About Brushes that Work in STYLY

Some Tilt Brush brushes are compatible with STYLY, while others are not. This may cause compatibility errors that can prevent your 3D models created with Tilt Brush from being displayed correctly. Please check the compatibility chart below before creating models to make sure that you are using STYLY compatible brushes.

Compatibility Table

Brush Name: Brush types available in Tilt Brush.
○: Supported (Colors and Shapes can be reproduced)
△: Partially Supported (Can reproduce Colors and Shapes, but cannot reproduce Blooms)
×: Not supported (Colors and Shapes cannot be reproduced)

Brush Name Steam (VR HMD) Mobile iOS
Mobile Android
Oculus Quest
Oil Paint
Thick Paint
Wet Paint
Tapered Marker
Pinched Marker
Tapered Flat
Pinched Flat
Soft Highlighter
Velvet Ink
Duct Tape
Coarse Bristles
Dr. Wigglez
Neon Pulse
Cel Vinyl
Hyper Grid
Light Wire
Chromatic Wave
Shiny Hull
Matte Hull
Unlit Hull

*The Nreal Version is currently undergoing a revision. An update will be available in the store soon. (As of March 2021)

About Bloom

Brushes marked with △ in the above Compatibility Table are not Bloom compatible. Bloom is an appearance feature that creates a shine or glow on your 3D models, as shown in this picture.


Left: Without Bloom / Right: With Bloom

STYLY STUDIO will support the Bloom feature in a future update soon.

Limitations in STYLY

STYLY does not support some features available in Tilt Brush, but some of them can be substituted by using certain STYLY assets. These limitations and supported substitution are summarized below.


Tilt Brush Function STYLY Substitution
Environment Skybox/Floor of the Environment in Environment Studio can be used instead.
Lights Substitute with Environment’s Light in Lights Studio
Backdrop Substitute Skybox in Environment on Backdrop Studio
Poly Library Substitute 3D Model’s Poly in Poly Library Studio
Media Library Substitute 3D Model/Music/Video in Media Library Studio
Camera Path Support undecided
Audio Reactor  Support undecided

About Each Item

  • Environment

This is the setting for the background (Skybox, Ground, etc.) in the Tilt Brush sketch. You can use the STYLY STUDIO asset Environment > Skybox / Floor instead.




  • Light

This is the setting for the Directional Light in the Tilt Brush sketch. You can adjust the lighting by setting Directional Light in STYLY STUDIO or other lights.


Directional Light


  • Backdrop

This is the setting for the Skybox in the Tilt Brush sketch. You can use the STYLY STUDIO asset Environment > Skybox / Floor instead.




  • Poly Library

This is the loading view for 3D models from Google Poly into the Tilt Brush sketch. To place a Google Poly model in a scene in STYLY STUDIO, go to 3D Model > Poly and search for it.

Google Poly


  • Media Library

Importing a local file into a Tilt Brush sketch. To use local files in STYLY STUDIO, search for them using the two methods below.

Local Models →  3D Model > My Models & Upload
Local Images   →  Image

For information on other assets that can be imported into STYLY STUDIO, please refer to the following article.


  • Camera Path

Camera path in Tilt Brush sketch → Currently not supported.


  • Audio Reactor 

Brush trajectory changes in response to sound → Currently not supported.

STYLY software will be continually updated, enabling richer expressions in the near future.