Understanding Assets Which You Can Import into a Scene

In this article, we will introduce the types of assets that can be placed in Scene and how to place them.
The types of assets that can be placed are Environment, 3D Model, Image, Music, Video, Lab, and Curated.

Asset button

An asset is a component that creates a Scene.
Click the asset button from the menu field on the upper left of STYLY Studio to display the asset selection screen where you can select an asset.

Asset selection screen


In Environment, there are assets (Skybox, Floor, Light, Filter) that are the basis of Scene.


Skybox is a celestial sphere that covers the entire screen.

Skybox list

You can greatly change the image of Scene by changing Skybox.

It looks like changing Skybox


Floor is the floor / ground. After deploying Skybox, let’s set Floor.

Floor list

By arranging Skybox and Floor, I was able to make a base for Scene.

It looks like changing the floor


Light is a light source that illuminates the entire space like the sun.
If you don’t have enough light, place the Light in the Scene.


Also, to adjust the light, first select the Directional Light on the scene. Next, you can change the angle of the light that illuminates the 3D model by displaying the manipulator for rotation with the E key and rotating the direction that the light points.

How to change the angle of light


Filter allows you to filter Scenes.

Asset list screen Filter

There are 10 types such as Cool, Night and Heaven. You can easily create an artistic scene.

Filter usage example

Using various filters, I was able to quickly edit Scenes with different atmospheres.
By using different filters in this way, you can produce various effects.

3D Model

In the 3D Model menu, you can place 3D Model, Particles, and upload the 3D model from your PC to STYLY. I will introduce each category.

Example of 3D Model

3D Model

3D Model allows you to place 3D models. There are assets of plants, clothes, furniture, animals, and buildings.

Example of 3D Model List

You can also search by entering a search word in the search form.

Search field


Particles allow you to place particles such as stars, flames, lightning, and rainbows in the Scene.

Particle List

* What are particles?
A mechanism to generate and move many small dots. By placing a plate polygon or model at that point, you can produce smoke, flames, magic effects, etc.

DustSparkle RedをStudioに配置した様子

Dust Sparkle Red placed in Studio

My Models & Upload

My Models & Upload allows you to upload 3D models from your PC to STYLY.

My Models & Upload screen

The data format of the 3D model corresponds to the following.

  • FBX
  • Blender
  • glTF(zip file)

Introducing how to upload OBJ + MTL + JPEG files. Other formats can be uploaded in the same way.
* Only glTF, upload with zip or glb file including glTF file

Click the [Select ..] button.

Select OBJ file, MTL file, JPEG file.

OBJ + MTL + JPEG file Upload method 2

Enter the file name in the upload file name form and click the [Upload] button.


You can check the status during upload. Introducing the types of status.

  • Waiting
  • Processing
  • Completed
  • Failed


When the status becomes Completed, Upload is complete.
You can view the latest status by clicking the Update Status button during Upload.

Update button

The uploaded 3D model will be displayed in My Models and can be placed in the Scene.

My Models list


Data from “Sketchfab“, a 3D model sharing / posting service, can also be uploaded to STYLY.
When you find your favorite 3D model from the 3D model list, click it to move to the details page.

The Download button is displayed at the bottom left of the details page (* It will not be displayed if download is not permitted), so click it. Select either Original format or Autoconverted format (glTF) and click the download button to start downloading.
The glTF format allows you to upload the downloaded file to STYLY as it is, so if you do not want to edit the 3D model, please download glTF.
glTF is downloaded as a zip file, but please upload it to STYLY as a zip file.
For more information about Sketchfab, including account registration, please see the following articles.


Image allows you to place images.
The image format supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
We also have several types of image screens.
You can also make the image look like a Skybox, or make the image look like it’s moving. Now, I will show you how to upload images.

STYLY Studio screen Image

Click the Select .. button.

Image Upload Method 1

Select the image you want to upload (JPG file, PNG file, GIF file).

Image Upload Method 2

Click the Upload button.

Image Upload Method 3

After the upload is complete, click the [Next] button.

Image Upload Method 4

Select what kind of screen you want the image to fit on.
Introducing some screens.
Regular Screens mainly include screens with different size ratios, screens with different shapes, and 360 ° screens.
3D Rotating Screens are three-dimensional and moving screens.

Screen selection screen


  • Square Screen
  • 16:9 Screen
  • Original Aspect Screen
  • Curved Screen
  • Tunnel Screen

Regular Screens

The 360 ° Screen allows you to place the image as a celestial sphere, much like a Skybox.



  • Rotating Cube
  • Rotating Slanted
  • Rotating Sphere
  • Rotating ICO Sphere
  • Rotating Star

Rotating Cube

Rotating Slanted

Rotating Sphere

Rotating ICO Sphere

Rotating Star

You can also hold exhibitions and solo exhibitions in VR simply by placing your own photos and illustrations on the Scene on various screens.


Music can be arranged in Music. It can be placed from MP3 format files and SoundCloud.
Sound is one of the most important elements in VR space. I will show you how to arrange music.

Asset list screen Music

Introducing how to arrange MP3 files. Click the Select .. button.

Music MP3 file placement method 1

Select the music (MP3 file) you want to place.

Music MP3 file placement method 2

Click the Upload button.

Music MP3 file placement method 3

After the upload is complete, click the [Next] button.

Music MP3 file placement method 4

If you want to play the music repeatedly, select Music player (loop).
If you want to play the music only once, select Music player (once).

Music MP3 file placement method 5

Once uploaded, the file is in My Uploads. Here’s how to place music from SoundCloud.

Music MP3 file placement method 6

Enter your search word in the Keyword form and click the Search button.

Music SoundCloud placement method 1

The search results are displayed in the search result list.
If you want to place it, click the Insert this track button.
If you want to listen to music, click the Play button. Open the SoundCloud page.

Music SoundCloud placement method 2

If you want to play music repeatedly, select Music player (loop).
If you want to play the music only once, select Music player (once).

Music SoundCloud placement method 3

You can place multiple music, but they will be played in duplicate, so click the thumbnail button to hide the music you want to turn off (OFF for Music).

If you put more than one Music


Video allows you to place YouTube videos. I will introduce the placement method.

STYLY Studio screen Video

Enter the search word or YouTube URL in the search form and click the [Search] button.
If you search the YouTube URL and the message Prohibited video.
Can not use in STYLY is displayed, please note that you cannot use it because the video poster on YouTube did not allow you to reuse the uploaded video.

Video placement method 1

The search results are displayed in the search result list.
You can place the video by clicking the Insert this video button.
Click the Play on YouTube button to open YouTube.

Video placement method 2

In Sound mode, select Normal (voice ON) or Mute (voice OFF).
Then select the screen. The types of screens are the regular screen with no movement, the 3D rotation screen with movement, and the animation screen, which were introduced at the time of Image.

Video placement method 3


Lab assets allow users to freely set colors and movements.


Asset example: SeaShell

In this way, some animations start when the user approaches the asset, and there is a lot of diversity that can be used to create the ideal space.
Please refer to the following manuals for details on the features and usage of each Lab.


Curated allows you to insert special assets that can be used for a limited time during events where STYLY Studio is used. If you use this asset to create your work, be sure to check the rules for using that asset at the event before using it.