STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019

VR Content Award STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019

ParticleLive is a new generation of live expression in the xR world, free from the limits of reality.We challenge you to express yourself freely in a space without any restrictions and create limitless beautiful light, both of which are distinctive features of the xR world, combined with songs. STYLY ParticleLiveAwards is looking for such new generation live expressions.

The theme is “Mesmerize the World with ParticleLive”.

The stage for the award is STYLY, a platform that enables the design and transmission of VR spaces by the combination of the creative media such as 3DCG, photography, video, and music.

This spin-off award for the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 is held by STYLY, PARCO, and Loftwork. Artwork submitted to this award may also be submitted to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019.


Submission guidelines and conditions

We are looking for VR content that has been created with the song “Ice cream” by 8gatu2yuki, “Recursive Dolls: Recursive Creator and Creation’s Circle Dance” by memex, “Secret Protocol” by memex, or other songs which have a valid copyright.The VR content must be created or published with STYLY, a creative platform that enables the creation of innovative expressions and experiences using VR spaces.

The characters and lyrics do not need to be included. Submissions which include works according to the songs will also be accepted.


Virtual artist 8gatu2yuki has made the short version of the original song “Ice cream” available for free for creators.

The song available from the link below may not be used for any other purposes besides creating a work for submission to this award.The full version may be used for submission if purchased from the link below.

short version download:

Purchase link

Virtual alternative artist memex has made the short version of the song “Recursive Dolls” available for free for creators.

The song may not be used for any other purposes besides creating a work for submission to this award.

short version download:

The full version of the song “Recursive Dolls: Recursive Creator and Creation’s Circle Dance” may be used for submission if purchased from the link below.

Purchase link

“Recursive Dolls: Recursive Creator and Creation’s Circle Dance”:

Secret Protocol”:

In addition, works that use the above songs are required to display the credits below in the description of the scene, regardless of said songs being the short or full version.

Please note that works which do not include the above credits are not eligible for selection.In addition, artworks in which other tools besides STYLY were used in the production process will also be accepted.We also accept artwork that has previously been published.


Mesmerize the World with ParticleLive

Application period

12:00 (Japan time) Monday, June 10 2019 to 12:00 (Japan time) Monday, August 19


All applicants may submit as many pieces of artwork as they wish. We also accept group submissions.

The participation fee is free.

Application guidelines

Please read the guidelines before applications are submitted.


Application period

12:00 (Japan time) Monday, June 10 2019 to 12:00 (Japan time) Monday, August 19

Final screening results announcement (Gold award, Silver award×2 scheduled)

Scheduled for the end of August 2019


Scheduled for the end of August 2019 Venue: TIMEMACHINE (3F Sky building 24, Shinjuku 1-34-3, Tokyo)



john=hive writes and makes arrangements for 8gatu2yuki.He is also active in song writing and playing the bass.

YuruYuri San☆Hi! Character Song YuruYuri San☆Hi! played bass in “Koi wa amanojyaku desu wa” by Furutani Himawari (CV: Suzuko Mimori), THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, Ao n oichibanboshi”, and wrote the lyrics for the theme song “Hoshi to koi suru concierto”.


Namita is the creator of ParticleLive.
He was inspired by live performances on VRchat, a VRSNS platform, and created ParticleLive.He creates VRMVs for the duo 8gatu2yuki and Particle Music Player, a player that uses effects in VR.Twitter:namita0819

Pibo (memex)

Pibo handles the guitar and development for virtual alternative artist memex.
He pursues musical expressions which are free from physical limitations through live performances in VR social spaces and the production of VR worlds focused on sound.He is also involved with the creation of several works of interactive art, and his main achievements include FairLift (SIGGRAPH 2018), YURHYTHM (Asia Dightal Art Award 2018), and Cheer Me! (ISCA 2017)


Tnohito dedicated himself to VR because of Twitter and one day, he got the OculusRfit and entered the world of VR.
He was touched by the convenience and the possibilities of VR space with the creators he met there and has mainly planned and managed events on VRChat since 2018.Tnohito produced JAPANELAND Hanabi taikai / VirtualFestival2018 / VirtualCollectionStage0&1/ DoMCNvsVRChat Meet up/ Shinshun gen no ki ens?-kai


oxelKei explores real-time rendering ad the possibilities of VR.
He came from a simulator maker used for training.His main works include Nippon Rettou VR, HoleLenz Gate, NailCanvas, and SpatialGate. On VR, he produced JAPANELAND SKY, Particle Drum, and MIDI Particle.


GOLD award

Prize: 200,000 yen

SILVER award

Prize: 50,000 yen


Theme: Mesmerize the world with ParticleLive

A new form of expression unique to a VR space that matches the intention and songs embodied in the works.A new ParticleLive never seen before, free from any established concepts.


The awardee will be decided by the judges based on the screening of the submitted content and documents.


《Particle LiVE “ELECT”》by YORIMIYA

《Aiga Alince Particle Live (Candy Rock Star)》by jojomon

《[A]ddiction》by Reimhak

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