STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019 applied works -2-

In this article, I will introduce creations applied for the VR content award, ‘STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019’. This article will introduce the later half of the whole 22 works.

The first half are introduced in the following article.

《My first particle live by ice cream》by segur

This is my first particle live which I created at STYLY ParticleLive Workshop. Thank you for providing the marvelous music.

《Awake》by Mu_Alexius000

I wanted to create a concert where everyone gets pumped up like an outdoor concert, and created this scene with Unity Animation control.

In real life concerts, you don’t see fascinating flame effects and fireworks as in outdoor concerts. One reason is that it is expensive.

I thought that a concert in VR would be low costed, and viewers can see the scene repeatedly. Another merit is that I can even create tremendous effects that are impossible in the real world.

NOTE: This scene is created with permission to use the song from SERUiRE-san(

《Moon and Wolf》by kohu_vr


I expressed the birth of life and the diversity of evolution by gradually adding instruments for the music and particles.
Composition & character modeling by Penta Music

《Ice Cream》by Shiroyume

This is a ParticleLive using ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san.
Since I did not use any 3D models, I tried my best to fit the scene with the music rhythm.

《Aiga Alince Particle Live (ice cream)》by jojomon

“ice cream” music by 8gatu2yuki(
I borrowed ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san to create this ParticleLive.
I tried to use fewer particles for the latter half of the scene and still create a brilliant experience.
Some parts do not move well with a web browser, and works best with PCVR.

《FuturePop》by OR

I created it so the experience would feel like flying around in the sky.
Both the Web and VR version can not be experienced properly if you move away too much from the starting position, so be aware.

Music by arachang / Audiostock
DL Fantasy RPG Effects
AllSky-Over 200 skies

《Protocol “Secret Protocol”》by Mask du Video

From the song title ‘Secret Protocol’, and the overall image of the song, I created the scene with a protocol theme.
I placed a character performing a pseudo ‘protocol job’, and added simple particles to it.

《Many Sizes》by nica2c

’A room with many viewpoints’, ‘The room is me, and I am you’.
I wanted to create a content where the viewer can see lots of objects from multiple viewpoints, perfect for STYLY. I composed a song and created a world best suited for it.

I used ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san for some parts of the scene.
NOTE: There is a problem reported that the audio gets out of position when using a web player. To avoid this, experience it with the VR player, or try to imagine the correct rhythm.

《LAIKA》by Natsuki

In 1957, the first ever girl who went to outer space
was a russian dog named ‘LAIKA’.
But, she never was able to come back to Earth.

Humankind continue the challenge to explore outer space.

Space elements, astronaut cells, sunlight, cosmic rays…
LAIKA underwent many chemical changes
thoughout long long time
and got reborned as a human formed LAIKA

She recently enjoys dancing
to songs she recepted from Earth

Please enjoy ”ice cream”
with LAIKA

Music by “ice cream”8gatu2yuki(

Note: Since I desgined even the shoe soles for LAIKA, I took some scenes from below.
The center object is a stage that recieves music wavelengths, and plays the music.
Caution:Since the gravity around the stage is very strong, the large LAIKA becomes bugged around it.

《Kinu 1st live “Eternal Line” VR archive on June 13th, 2019》by kinu_kaiko

This work is a live archive of the Altema music festival held on June 13th 2019.

It is a live performance to win through the audition, and to take part in a stage with people I admire.
I created this scene so that I could pass on that magnificent feeling I felt during the live performance, and to keep that chain going on.

Be it real or virtual, a live performance has many restrictions in the shape of time, shape, and calculations, and limited amount of people can experience it at once.
By archiving it to STYLY, I aim to make this live performance an eternal one, so anybody can watch it and the chain of emotion going on.

【Altema Music Festival 2 Day 1】The music spreads on from here: Eternal Live performance Stage
(Note: You can probably best enjoy if you start watching from Kurimu Nanakusa’s performance at 2:16:53)


These were the first half of the applied works. The other half can be learned in this article.

Announcement of the award winners and exhibition will take place at ’Particle live meetup vol.2 at TIMEMACHINE’, on 9/1 (Sunday), alongside with a meetup for xR and music. Pre-registration is needed for participation, so if you are interested, please register from here