STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019 applied works -1-

In this article, I will introduce creations applied for the VR content award, ‘STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019’.
The theme is, ‘Mesmerize the world with particle live’.

What is STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019?

Mesmerize the world with particle live performance. STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019 is a VR content award for works on ‘STYLY’, the platform where anyone can create and share their own VR content. This contest is a spin off from the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019, which is held by the companies STYLY / PARCO / Loftwork, and applied works can be applied to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 too.

Judges are, john=hive-san from the virtual artist group ‘八月二雪’, namita-san who created particlelive, Pibo-san from the virtual alternative artist group ‘memex’, Tnohito-san who runs multiple events in VRChat, and VoxelKei-san who is famous for creating ‘Nippon Rettou VR’, ‘HoloLenz Gate’, ‘NailCanvas’, ‘SpatialGate’, and ‘MIDI Particle’.

Applications are no longer accepted..

Wonderful prizes such as 200,000 yen for the GOLD award, 50,000 yen for the SILVER award, and chloma hoodies. For details, check this AWARD details page.

From the 22 works applied for this award, I will introduce the first 11 for this article.

※The left of the works are introduced here.

《Kaleido Particle》by jav6868

You can experience a beautiful kaleidoscope-like world in VR.

I created this scene with the concept, ‘Anybody, easily, magnificently’. This is a particle live unlike any other, with no vocal, and no lyric effects.

The most important point is that it only uses 4 particle systems, so ‘anybody can create a particle live easily’. By changing each value of the particle systems, you can change the animations and create unlimited expressions.

It looks just like a ‘Kaleidoscope’, so I named the system ‘Kaleido Particle’. This system created by Unity is extremely light, and can be easily applied to other particle lives by changing the object scales and particle amounts.

Another point is that the system is ‘made from 100% basic Unity shaders’, ‘uses less than 10 materials’, and ‘uses only simple animations’, so it can be experienced not only by Web browsers and PCVR, but with mobile VR machines like MirageSolo too.


《WAVE》by jav6868

You can feel as if you entered into a music promotion video.

I created a scene that I could call, 《THE ParticleLive》. The concept was to make an experience not possible in real life, such as ‘3-dimentional lyrics’, ‘Particles flowing through you’, and ‘an experience as if you entered into a MV’.

I also used ‘Kaleido Particles’ a lot, and the use of them made this scene into a very different experience. (To learn about the details of Kaleido Particle, check this article)
I kept in mind to make the scene as light as possible. Because of this, users can experience the scene not from just the web or PCVR, but mobile VR such as MirageSolo.

(NOTE: This work was created with permission from the ‘WAVE’ music rights holder niki-san )

《Ice Cream》by tatmos

I used TiltBtush to create an artwork.

《nimbus v2.0》by Masashi Motokado

雲の峰雲の通ひ路雲の澪 雲居の余所に望む紫陽花 | music: nimbus
(Dazzle Impromptu No.1) – mivjm | CC0

《君から始まる物語》by emonxmusic

This is a particle live using the singer character as the center of focus.

I designed an uplifting dance that uses even the lower half of the body based on my original song, and captured it to my original character(Zombie Girl). I also added an animation so that she waves her hand to the audience, like a real live performance.

The particles I used were provided by Psychic VR Lab (I did want to add more details and depth if I had more time).

《Zepping Maguro (Exquisite tuna)》by segur

The concept is ‘Tairyo-bata’!

I created a VR scene to reproduce the comical and powerful images drawn on a Tairyo-bata.

The tuna suchi and sashimi, seachicken cannings are possible because of the tuna fishermen. I put my gratitude towards them into this 30 second scene.

《使い古した言葉や歌を》by tarothethird

~What made me create this scene~
I wanted to create a scene using a song from my favourite artist, Shippu-P.
The original song can be found here→

From the image colors of the song, I created a spacewith white and yellow.
I also wanted the viewer to focus on the lyrics, so made them stand out with black and white,
and also kept the movements simple.
I used particle effects based on the images I got listening to the song.
I made sure that the effects would not spoil the song.
I used motion capture on myself for the model’s movements.

NOTE: This work was created with permission from Masakuni-san (Shippu-P).

《Pikali Particle Live music by “ice cream” 8gatsu2yuki》by VT_pikali

《world.execute(me);》by Reimhak

Music:world.execute(me); – Mili?

Copyright (c) Mili All Rights Reserved.

I created a shader so I could create a scene with Glitch-like expressions and lyric expressions, and adjusted it to match the song.
The model I used for this scene is B552/F made by REO[].
The images I used are borrowed from Noun Project.

I got permission from Mili to use the song, world.execute(me);.

NOTE: This work is planned to be on display at the virtual market 3, which is going to be held at VRChat.

《Star》by miyumiyu_fancy

I tried to express the cute image of my favorite song, unite in the sky, by using VRoid kuromi and unicorn-chan to dance in the scene. I also used many particles for this scene. One particle I want you to look at in particular is a Star shaped one, which also made the title of this scene. In the dark, it shows up as shadows, and when fireworks go up, it matches the color of the firework. I put effort not only to the dancing girls, but the particles surrounding too.

I used a VRoid model called unicorn chan made by Haiero.

《Recursive Dolls: 再帰する創造主と被造物の輪舞曲 short ver》by mikkabouzu777



These were the first half of the applied works. The other half can be learned in this article.

Announcement of the award winners and exhibition will take place at ’Particle live meetup vol.2 at TIMEMACHINE’, on 9/1 (Sunday), alongside with a meetup for xR and music. Pre-registration is needed for participation, so if you are interested, please register from here