STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019 Finalists

-Mesmerize the world with particle live performance-

There were a total of 22 works that applied for the VR content award ‘STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019’.
Of the many original and creative content, 12 were chosen as finalists.

At the awarding ceremony on 9/1 (Sun), 1 ‘GOLD award’, 2 ‘SILVER awards’, and 1 ‘STYLY award’ will be chosen from these.

What is STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019?

Mesmerize the world with particle live performance. STYLY ParticleLive Awards 2019 is a VR content award for works on ‘STYLY’, the platform where anyone can create and share their own VR content. This contest is a spin off from the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019, which is held by the companies STYLY / PARCO / Loftwork, and applied works can be applied to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 too.

Judges are, john=hive-san from the virtual artist group ‘八月二雪’, namita-san who created particlelive, Pibo-san from the virtual alternative artist group ‘memex’, Tnohito-san who runs multiple events in VRChat, and VoxelKei-san who is famous for creating ‘Nippon Rettou VR’, ‘HoloLenz Gate’, ‘NailCanvas’, ‘SpatialGate’, and ‘MIDI Particle’.

Wonderful prizes such as 200,000 yen for the GOLD award, 50,000 yen for the SILVER award, and chloma hoodies. For details, check this AWARD details page.

《WAVE》by jav6868

You can feel as if you entered into a music promotion video.

I created a scene to create, 《THE ParticleLive》. The concept was to make an experience not possible in real life, such as ‘3-dimentional lyrics’, ‘Particles flowing through you’, and ‘an experience as if you entered into a MV’.

I also used ‘Kaleido Particles’ a lot, and the use of them made this scene into a very different experience. (To learn about the details of Kaleido Particle, check this article)
I kept in mind to make the scene as light as possible. Because of this, users can experience the scene not from just the web or PCVR, but mobile VR such as MirageSolo.

(NOTE: This work was created with permission from the ‘WAVE’ music rights holder niki-san(

《Zepping Maguro (Exquisite tuna)》by segur

The concept is ‘Tairyo-bata’!

I created a VR scene to reproduce the comical and powerful images drawn on a Tairyo-bata.

The tuna suchi and sashimi, seachicken cannings are possible because of the tuna fishermen. I put my gratitude towards them into this 30 second scene.

《使い古した言葉や歌を》by tarothethird

~What made me create this scene~
I wanted to create a scene using a song from my favourite artist, Shippu-P.
The original song can found here→

From the image colors of the song, I created a spacewith white and yellow.
I also wanted the viewer to focus on the lyrics, so made them stand out with black and white,
and also kept the movements simple.
I used particle effects based on the images I got listening to the song.
I made sure that the effects would not spoil the song.
I used motion capture on myself for the model’s movements.

NOTE: This work was created with permission from Masakuni-san (Shippu-P).

《world.execute(me);》by Reimhak

Music:world.execute(me); – Mili?

Copyright (c) Mili All Rights Reserved.

I created original shaders in order to create glitch effects and lyric effects matching this song in Unity.
The model I used in this scene is B552/F by REO-san[].
I also used images from Noun Project-san.

This scene is created with permission for using world.execute(me); by Mili-san.

NOTE: I plan to display this ParticleLive in Virtial Market3 in VRChat.

《Awake》by Mu_Alexius000

I wanted to create a concert where everyone gets pumped up like an outdoor concert, and created this scene with Unity Animation control.

In real life concerts, you don’t see fascinating flame effects and fireworks as in outdoor concerts. One reason is that it is expensive.

I thought that a concert in VR would be low costed, and viewers can see the scene repeatedly. Another merit is that I can even create tremendous effects that are impossible in the real world.

NOTE: This scene is created with permission to use the song from SERUiRE-san(

《Moon and Wolf》by kohu_vr


I tried to express the birth of life, and the diversity of evolution with layered emsembles and particle effects.
Composition & character modeling by Penta Music

《Ice Cream》by Shiroyume

This is a ParticleLive using ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san.
Since I did not use any 3D models, I tried my best to fit the scene with the music rhythm.

《Aiga Alince Particle Live (ice cream)》by jojomon

“Ice Cream” music by 8gatu2yuki(
I borrowed ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san to create this ParticleLive.
I tried to use fewer particles for the latter half of the scene and still create a brilliant experience.
Some parts do not move well with a web browser, and works best with PCVR.

《FuturePop》by OR

I created it so the experience would feel like flying around in the sky.
Both the Web and VR version can not be experienced properly if you move away too much from the starting position, so be aware.

Music by arachang / Audiostock
DL Fantasy RPG Effects
AllSky-Over 200 skies

《Protocol “Secret Protocol”》by Mask du Video

From the song title ‘Secret Protocol’, and the overall image of the song, I created the scene with a protocol theme.
I placed a character performing a pseudo ‘protocol job’, and added simple particles to it.

《Many Sizes》by nica2c

’A room with many viewpoints’, ‘The room is me, and I am you’.
I wanted to create a content where the viewer can see lots of objects from multiple viewpoints, perfect for STYLY. I composed a song and created a world best suited for it.

I used ‘Ice Cream’ from 8gatu2yuki-san.
NOTE: There is a problem reported that the audio gets out of position when using a web player. To avoid this, experience it with the VR player, or try to imagine the correct rhythm.

The announcement of the award winners will take place at the ParticleLive meetup on 9/1 (Sun).

The announcement of the award winners will take place at the ceremony after the ParticleLive Meetup on 9/1 (Sun).
The event details can be found here.