STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019 -Winners Announcement-


Congratulations to the winners of
STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019


Judges’ prize


Keisuke Itou / Japan

I felt life in this photogrammetry artwork.

If I didn’t know this was a photogrammetry award artwork, I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to tell it was made using photogrammetry. I felt that this work is not created just to use photogrammetry, but is using it as a means of expression.

It seems that using photogrammetry was perfect for this work, and viewers can feel a strong emotion that the objects are real things that are dearly loved. The objects are not just 3D models, they are creations by craftsmen.

I felt a nostalgic feeling, and became absorbed on what will show up in the next corner. The structure of the scene is very well thought out too, and makes the viewer want to discover what comes next. It is a artwork that saves and teaches us precious culture in a natural and attractive way.

Ryo Fujiwara / Photogrammetlist


LookingGlass prize

Deeper blue memory

akaninn0722 / Japan

We are very honored to be able to take part in judging such an amazing group of photogrammetry work, so we would first like to give a big thank you to STYLY for including us in this competition. We at Looking Glass have been especially interested in seeing how photogrammetry, how real world content, can fit inside the Looking Glass as both artistic expression and as holographic containers for memories. We now all live in a world in which 2D images and movies are not the only way for us to look back to the past – we can now store the world around us with practices like photogrammetry and present it as a three dimensional experience. And we can infuse within photogrammetry the emotion through which we view the space we are recreating. For us, Deeper Blue Memory created a world in the Looking Glass that did this beautifully. We were moved by the emotion we felt present in this real human space, that was so surreally engulfed underwater. We are excited to present the creator of Deeper Blue Memory with a Looking Glass!


私たちLooking Glassは、フォトグラメトリで切り取られた現実世界の風景が、芸術表現として、また記憶を閉じ込めるホログラフィックコンテナ(holographic containers)として、どのようにLooking Glassに収まるかに特に興味がありました。私たちが生きている世界では、もはや2Dの写真や動画だけが過去を振り返る手段ではありません。私たちをとりまく世界をフォトグラメトリのような技術を用いて保存し、3次元の体験として提示できるようになりました。そして私たちはフォトグラメトリで再現した世界の内に、エモーション(感情)を吹き込むことができます。

私たちにとって、Deeper Blue MemoryはそれらをLooking Glassの中に美しく表現した作品でした。私たちは、超現実的に水の中に飲み込まれた、現実の人間を取り巻く空間に存在する感情に心を動かされました。
私たちは、Deeper Blue Memoryを作成したアーティストにLookingGlassをお渡しできることを嬉しく思います!
(Translated by STYLY Development team)

Looking Glass Factory




Kenichiro Hirai / Japan

Coming soon !!!

Akihiko Taniguchi / Media Artist


STYLY prize


磯野 信 (Shin Isono) / Japan

This is an artwork based on the childhood game, walking only on the white lines of a road. The creator also used an architectural perspective to create meaning for the experience.

I hope you experience this game with the creator comment ‘I created this scene with the aim so viewers would be able to find new elements from everyday townviews’ in mind.

Another point I found interesting is that the creator used an intersection from Kinuta city of Setagayaku, because the complicated road signs looked fun to play with.

Psychic VR Lab / STYLY Development team


STYLY prize

A day in Basilica Salute

nobelchoco / Japan

A day in Basilica Salute is a photogrammetry artwork that shows how interesting this technology is straightforwardly.
Photogrammetry is often used to cut out a portion of a space. But this artwork uses a technology called photorealistic style transfer, and tries to express how the landscape changes according to time.

Viewers can see how photogrammetry can be used not only for the space axis, but for the time axis too in this photogrammetry experience.

Psychic VR Lab / STYLY Development team


General comment

There were many new discoveries while experiencing these interesting artworks.

Photogrammetry was a technology originally used for civil engineering, but I felt that new possibilities have opened up as creators started to use it to design VR content.

I was interested in using photogrammetry for ‘digital architecture archives’, but realized that there are many more uses for this technology, and the possibilities are growing even more.

Since this is an award, I had to choose from many magnificent works, but I feel strong respect for every artwork which was created with ideas I had never imagined of.

I hope you guys enjoy not only the awarded works, but all of the splendid artworks.

Also, I am sure you cannot await new uses of photogrammetry, especially in fields that you are familiar with. I definitely am!

Everyone, thank you so much for applying for this award with your influential artworks.

Ryo Fujiwara / Photogrammetlist


About STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019

Create an original artwork using photogrammetry. STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019 is a spin-off award of NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019, held by STYLY/PARCO/Loftwork, using ‘STYLY’ the platform where anybody can create and spread their original VR content.

We invited media artist Taniguchi Akihiko san, Taki san who is famous for whole scanning 銭洗弁天, and LookingGlass Factory san who is developing autostereoscopic displays, as judges for this award.

For the details, please refer to this AWARD details page.