NEWVIEW SCHOOL 1st Lecture report “Perception and Design”

The first lecture at NEWVIEW SCHOOL was a basic course about ‘perception and design’. The lecturer is SUGA Shunichi, who has been studying and developing new expressions based on human perception.

A VR world consists of unlimited 3D space, and one unique characteristic is that the user’s experience is highly affected by the user’s actions. This makes it very important to understand the mechanism of human perception.

How does a human perceive the world around them? How do you create expressions with understanding of the mechanisum of perception? Suga-san answers these questions as he explains certain habits of the human brain and perception through examples.

We are not looking at the world directly

The first half of the lecture was about how there is a gap between the things we see, and the things we image in our head, caused unconsciously by the human brain.

Suga-san told us how ‘We are not seeing the world as it is’, and explained about the ‘law of prägnanz’, ‘Illusory contours’, and ‘Amodal completion’ to help us understand this fact.

Cognitive design≒Recognized design

For the second half of the lecture, he talked about ‘Cognitive design’, and his past researches about the theme.

Cognitive design is a design that uses knowledge of human perception, and restrains the movement flow by motivation induction, gaze induction, body induction, says Suga-san.

The concept to plan the flow beforehand, and restrain the user’s movement using induction is very useful for creating VR worlds.

Designing the region of unconsciousness

Suga-san concluded his lecture by telling us how we should design the region of unconsciousness using knowledge of perception, and how it should be used as inspiration of VR creativity.

All students were awed by his lecture.

The technical course was about the basics of Unity

The first technical course was about the ‘basics of Unity’. KUROKAWA Yusuke from Unity Technologies Japan gave us a lecture about ‘Unity’, with which we can use to create and enrich VR artworks.

NEWVIEW SCHOOL courses has only just started. We will learn more useful skills and helpful knowledge for creating VR artworks in future basic courses!

Photo:Takuya Ishikawa (NEWVIEW SCHOOL student internship)
Text:Ryosuke Hara (NEWVIEW SCHOOL office)


The world of expression will transform from the conventional two-dimensional space to an even richer three-dimensional space which connects us to the real world.

NEWVIEW is an experimental project/community seeking the possibility of creative worlds and expressions in the 3D world.

The second content award of VR fashion/culture/art field, ‘NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019’ is currently taking place!
For details, please access the NEWVIEW official page from here.