[iPad / iPhone Pro Series] LiDAR 3D Scanning App Article Summary

This article is a summary of the LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry apps introduced in STYLY MAGAZINE that can be used with the iPad and iPhone Pro series.
If you are confused about what to use after reading the articles of many apps, please refer to this article.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is an acronym for “Light Detection And Ranging”.
It is based on the time between the reflection of laser light and its return when shooting, and can acquire information on the depth of the space and the 3D shape of the object.

Differences in scanning models

Different apps scan models in different ways: point cloud scanning or mesh scanning.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Model Advantages Disadvantages
Points cloud ・Accurate representation of complex model shapes
・Faster scanning speed
・Slightly more difficult to edit the point cloud itself
Mesh ・Scanning of detailed surface information such as text and texture
・Can be exported to CG software for editing
・Large data size

List of scanning apps

Here is a list of apps that can do 3D scanning, along with a short introduction.
Please refer to each article for detailed instructions.

Metascan (formerly Forge)

Metascan is a reputable application that can scan beautifully.
You can change the color of the background of the scanned model.
The ability to quickly check the model in VR view before uploading it to STYLY is a unique feature.


This app automatically takes a picture when you start scanning.
It’s also useful to see in detail how far you’ve gotten when uploading.

3D Scanner App

This is an app that was introduced on a certain TV program.
It has many editing functions that can be used after shooting, and there is also an app for desktop use.This is an app that was introduced on a certain TV program.
It has many editing functions that can be used after shooting, and there is also an app for desktop use.


One of the great things about Polycam is the number of extensions you can select when exporting.
Polycam for Web also allows you to create a model from a photo on your computer in your browser.


It has texture editing features, including filters that allow you to change the contrast and tint of a photo after it has been taken.
It’s also a great app that was originally paid for but is now completely free to use.


This is an app made in Japan.
The distance measurement function for a specific location on the model allows you to measure not only the distance, but also the angle and area.
The view mode can be displayed as normal (default), walkthrough or floor plan.


There are four different scan modes to choose from, depending on your application.
The ability to change the size of the points after shooting is also very attractive.

Site Scape

This app has high quality pro features (paid) and is useful for sharing with others in the browser.
It is recommended for team use, with the ability to make notes at specific locations on the model.

Sakura3D SCAN

This app is made in Japan.
It comes with some nice features such as the ability to set the scan target and use the built-in light when shooting.
The UI is also simple and easy to understand.

Scanning App Comparison Table

I’ve compiled a table of past articles on scanning apps.
Click on the app name to jump directly to the respective article.

The table can be scrolled left or right.

App Price Scan Format Scan Method Extensions Email & Sharing Method
Metascan Free/$2000/year Mesh Real-time/photo selection USDZ/FBX/OBJ/GLTF/PLY/LAS Cloud / URL
Trnio $610 outright purchase Point cloud/mesh Real-time/photo selection OBJ Sketchfab / Gallery
3D Scanner App Free Mesh Real-time USDZ/OBJ/GLTF/GLB/STL Sketchfab
Polycam Free / yearly $4,400 / monthly $800 / outright purchase $14,000 Mesh Real-time/photo selection OBJ/GLB/USDZ/DAE/STL/DXF/PLY/LAS/XYZ/PTS Sketchfab/Gallery/Instagram
Scaniverse Free Mesh Real-time OBJ/GLB/USDZ/DAE/STL/PLY/LAS Sketchfab
WiDAR SCAN Free Point cloud/mesh Real-time/photo selection OBJ  
EveryPoint Free Point cloud/mesh Real-time PLY/E57 Sketchfab
SiteScape Free / yearly $468 / monthly $49 Point cloud Real-timeReal-time PLY/E57 Sketchfab/Cloud(Only Pro)/URL(Only Pro)
Sakura3D SCAN Free/weekly $200/monthly $600/yearly $5,000 Point cloud/mesh Real-time OBJ/STL/ASC/TXT/PTS  

You can upload from your browser even if the app is not marked as Sketchfab in the Email & Sharing Method (list of extensions supported by Sketchfab).

I hope you find your favorite app in this summary article.

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