How to Use ‘Trnio’ – iPhone App for High-Res 3D Scan

In this article, I will explain how to convert things around you into a 3D model and place it in STYLY by using an iPhone app ‘Trnio’ that scans the human body or other objects and converts it into a 3D model.

Trnio app

Compatibility: iOS 11.3 or later. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are supported.

Price: 360 JPY

Apple Store

There are two modes, the Object mode and the Scene mode, to take photos.

In the Object mode, you take photos while you move in a circle, around the object.

The model created in the Object mode

The Scene mode is used for a large object or landscape that is difficult to capture in the Object mode.

The model created in the Scene mode

Object Mode

In Object mode, there is a red button to start shooting photos. Please tap it.

The button to start shooting the photo

It displays a green circle in the middle of the screen. Please make sure the object is in the center of the circle and then tap the center of the circle.

Adjust the object to the circle.

Then, it brings up a circular progress bar in the top left corner of the screen, which shows the direction from the object. So, take photos while moving in a circle around the object.

The circular progress bar is displayed

When you make the circle, the circular bar will become full.

After checking it’s finished, tap the red button to start converting the photos into a 3D model.

The scan is complete

Now, the photos are automatically uploaded to the Cloud and then the conversion into a 3D model will be started. 

When the 3D model is completed, ‘Done’ is displayed as shown in the following screenshot.

The 3D model is completed

The model created in the Object mode

※ Although I don’t show the details in this article, you can now display the 3D model in front of you in AR mode by tapping the ‘AR’ button

Scene Mode

Use the Scene mode for an object that is difficult to scan while moving around it, such as a large object or landscape.

In the Scene mode, you take multiple photos while sliding the camera to the right and left, keeping the whole landscape that you want to record, in the camera’s view.

Once you finished taking the photos, wait until the 3D model is completed, as done in the Object mode.


The model created in the Scene mode

Upload to Sketchfab and Download the 3D Model

Once the 3D model is completed, you can upload it to Sketchfab.

If you have not created a Sketchfab account yet, create it referring to ‘Sketchfab account registration’ in the following article.

By default, you can’t download the 3D model that is uploaded to Sketchfab. So, change the setting to make it downloadable.

Click the account icon in the top right corner and select ‘Models’.

List your 3D models

It brings up the list of the 3D models you have uploaded to Sketchfab, select the 3D model you want to download.

In the setting window on the right side of the screen, set ‘Download’ to ‘Free’ and press ‘SAVE CHANGES’.

Make the model downloadable

After a while, the download button will appear under your account name, click it to download the 3D model.

The download button

You can download it in ‘OBJ’ or ‘gITF’ format. This time select ‘gITF’.

Upload to STYLY

If you download the glTF file, it will be saved as a zip format.

As with uploading other 3D models, click the ‘Asset’ menu button and then click the ‘3D Model’ button. Next, select the ‘My Models & Upload’ tab and click the ‘Select…’ button.

Please read the following article to learn more about how to upload 3D models to STYLY. 

※ If you uncompressed the zip file, you would find a gITF file in it. The gITF file itself, however, cannot be uploaded to STYLY. Please be aware of this.

Upload to ‘STYLY Web Studio’

Now, the model has been uploaded to ‘STYLY Web Studio’.

By using Trnio, anyone can easily apply Photogrammetry to the things around you and upload them to STYLY. So please make good use of it!