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- Create a Melting Reality -
ENTRY Period:2022.8.8>> 2022.10.31

XR Global Contents Award will be held. Join the awards and get a chance to collaborate with artists, who are experimenting with progressive expressions, to create new works of art.

Express with VR, Distribute to VR

Just focus on designing VR spaces

Drag & Drop No need to code

STYLY takes care of everything else. No engineers needed for painful programming tasks. All you need is just a web browser and your imagination. Cloud technology gives you the power of VR expression.

Bring your work from your favorite software

import FROM More than 10 platforms

STYLY supports various types of data format and services. Your 3D works will be more attractive in a VR space. STYLY may change your photos, videos, or music into new VR artworks. You can also remix contents from a Poly-3D model library or Youtube with an integrated interface.

Supports all major VR HMDs

experience your space in VR

You only need one click to distribute your work to all major VR HMDs as well as your websites for a browser preview. Your work will be converted for both high-end and standalone mobile VR HMDs. Say goodbye to non-creative tasks, such as adjusting devices or controller differences and implementing common basic features.

STYLY Studio, a creative tool to free your inner world with VR

With web browsers
STYLY Studio works on web browsers (Google Chrome recommended). No VR-ready PCs are required. You do not need to install any software. Enjoy VR creation only by mouse operations with your PC or Mac. STYLY does everything else for you on the cloud. No difficult programming or parameter-tuning are required to make stunning VR contents. STYLY provides cool VR design features and easy-to-use post effect filters. Effects or interactions can be applied to your materials without any coding.

With VR HMDs
What you see is what you get. Design your VR space more intuitively in VR. A one-meter cube appears as one meter, and a 30-meter wall appears as 30 meters in front of you. Not only that you can get the sense of size easily, but you will also feel the atmosphere during your creation. Moreover, an entire space can be viewed from the top like a bird-view scene, or details can be edited by zooming into the building.

WEB Studio

VR Studio


Change your 3D work into VR space

Just upload your 3D model with STYLY studio on your browser.

STYLY will convert your 3D work into VR-ready objects in the cloud.

Blender (.blend), Sketchup (.skp), Obj (+mtl+jpg), glTF (.gltf or .glb) and Fbx files can be directly uploaded on STYLY web studio.

Other file formats can be uploaded via Sketchfab.

Learn more.

Remix 3D models from the largest 3D contents platform Sketchfab

Hundreds of thousands of 3D models are shared on Sketchfab under the Creative Common license.

High-quality and even animated models can be imported to STYLY in glTF file format.

If you are a 3D modeler or CAD user, you may import various file types of 3D models into STYLY using Sketchfab that supports more than 30 file formats.

Learn more.

3D Art exhibition with VR paint app Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a room-scale 3D painting virtual reality application available from Google.

Hold a Tilt Brush exhibition in VR with music and videos.

Integrated Google Poly interface helps you to add your Tilt Brush artwork into your gallery.

Bring ‘Real’ into Virtual Reality

Photogrammetry is one of the 3D scanning technologies, which generates beautiful 3D models from a collection of photo images.

Small-size anime figurines or even city-size large landscape pictures can be converted to 3D models using this technology.

Bring ‘Real’ in your original way to hold unique VR art installations or exhibitions.


PDFs into interactive VR magazine

Just upload your PDFs into STYLY.

Pages will appear in a paper-book style in VR.

Read your manga or novels in VR space of the stories.

Lookbook of your fashion brand would be a good match with VR shopping place.

Display your existing 2D assets to make VR

Conceptual photo exhibitions or an imaginary picture-book world could be created just with photos and videos.

STYLY shows your 2D data with stunning effects in VR.

Upload your photos and put some pre-assets to make your original VR space.

Place your CAD/BIM data into VR space

Architectural data can be put in VR by simply uploading BIM data produced by ArchiCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros or Navisworks Manage to STYLY via the Unity BIM Importer.

By utilizing various assets prepared through STYLY, it is possible to express your world view in ways that cannot be done so with BIM data alone.


Much more with Unity

Unity plugin for STYLY enables you to realize the full potential of STYLY.

・Upload your prefab or scene from Unity to STYLY.

・Create beautiful scenes with Unity basic functionalities such as Shaders, Lights, Timeline, Physics, Mecanim or Particle system.

・Create interactive contents with Playmaker visual scripting solution. (C# scripts not allowed to upload)

・Easily corroborate with non-Unity engineers to make VR experiences.

・Just one click to publish your Unity scenes to all major VR HMDs.

Unity playmker
Experience and Share

Publish your VR works and attract the world

Your VR work will be distributed to VR HMDs through the cloud network.

Publish your VR work via STYLY gallery in a flash second.

STYLY gallery is the place to meet great VR works in the world.

Open your portfolio on STYLY gallery and deliver your works to people all over the world.